The person who hit the button that sent an emergency alert warning Hawaiians that a ballistic missile was heading to the island state has been reassigned.

Officials have not named the person responsible but told NBC News that the person has a new job that is not connected to the emergency alert system.

FOX News’ ‘The Five’ hose Jesse Watters went off on the incompetence of big government, and and the unwillingness to assign fault to the person who caused the mass hysteria in the state of Hawaii.

For me, this is about a big government screw up. They screwed up, so instead of saying, ‘false alarm’, they didn’t have anything ready to go in the script? They took 38 minutes to come up with this. Are you ready? “There is no missile threat or danger to Hawaii. Repeat. False Alarm.” It took 40 minutes for them to cook up that tweet!

And they don’t fire anybody. They reassign him. What does it take? Basically, they cause mass hysterial in a huge state, and the guy gets reassigned. 

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The party that wants bigger government is okay with this. They screw up so big in the state of Hawaii, don’t take any responsibility for it, compound the screw-up, and then the Democrats want to have more power over people’s lives. 

The poor, Democrat, co-host of  “The Five”, Juan Williams, can’t even look up at the cameras while Watters is delivering a blistering rant about the dangers of big-government Democrats.



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