In case you missed the fireworks on The View TV show yesterday, our previous report is below. Basically, Judge Jeanine made an appearance on the show and was treated horribly by all of the hosts. Whoopi Goldberg was the worst as you’ll see in the previous report below.

Judge Jeanine was just on Fox News and had this to say to Whoopi:

“I’ve always liked you, and I don’t understand where the anger comes from – I didn’t deserve to be thrown out”

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We reported earlier today (see below) on the horrible treatment judge jeanine Pirro got on ‘The View’ from the liberal hosts. Whoopi Goldberg took it way too far on-air but Pirro told Sean Hannity after the show that Goldberg got in her face and cursed at her.


Judge Jeanine just told Sean Hannity on Hannity radio Whoopi Goldberg behind the scenes after their on air heated exchange on the F**k you!!!! Judge Jeanine: Did you just say that to me? Whoopie: YES! GET THE F**K OUT OF HERE!!!!


Judge Jeanine Pirro was brave or naive enough to go on ‘The View’ today but the rudeness took over any real conversation they hosts might have had with her. The entire interview is testy but Whoopi Goldberg becomes hysterical towards the end when the judge said she has “Trump Derangement Syndrome”…

JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO: “Your opening statement, how horrible it is that Donald Trump is talking about all of these people. You know what’s horrible? When people who shouldn’t be here end up murdering the children of American citizens.”
WHOOPI GOLDBERG: “What is horrible is when the President of the United States whips up people to beat the hell out of people! Say goodbye! I’m done!”

The complete interview is below. It’s a 7 minute meeting of someone with a brain (Pirro) and then the women on ‘The View’

Whoopi isn’t the brightest bulb in the box so she twisted what President Trump said about illegals. Nice try Whoopi but Americans remember what he said.

The Persistence had this to say about the interaction:


The entire interview is just nasty! Notice how she’s trying to be above board and not rude but the women are just awful to her!

Whoopi might want to go back and watch the video about the illegals!

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