Senator Kamala Harris just announced she’s running for president in 2020 and she’s already pandering to the black community in a big way.

It’s always so embarrassing to watch politicians try and “connect with voters”. They just end up looking inauthentic and desperate.

Senator Elizabeth Warren comes to mind when the topic of “connecting with voters” comes up. She recently tried to connect by swigging a beer on camera. It was a very awkward moment for her. She’s not alone. former Texas Senatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke filmed his dental cleaning. Some things just shouldn’t be filmed.

Now we have Kamala Harris trying to dance on camera to a rap song. Twitter comments are scorching her attempt at connecting with the urban community. The problem is that people see right through her pandering and are calling her out:

Tariq Nasheed let Kamala know she’s not fooling anyone: So Kamala Harris is taking a page out of the Hilary Clinton playbook on how to pander to Black voters. Kamala has pulled her hair back so she can show her “ethnic edges”, and she’s “dancing” to rap music.

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Here’s another awkward moment where Harris giggles at something but we’re not sure what it is. We think she might not know what it is either.

Tariq put the Kamala Harris campaign on notice:

Harris has come out with odd videos before, like the one promoting the movie ‘Black Panther’. The video is from when the movie was released, but a twitter user posted the video thinking it is from the Kamala Harris campaign. It’s not. LOL!

Harris can be seen in the video crossing her arms and saying “Kamala for Wakanda” in a takeoff from the “Wakanda Forever” saying in the film ‘Black Panther’.

The left is already playing identity politics with Kamala Harris. Apparently, if elected, she’d be a trifecta in the identity politics game.

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