The timing couldn’t have been better. Just as Gary Tuckman, a reporter for Very Fake News CNN, was in the middle of a hit piece on President Trump, he was literally hit with tear gas being used by law enforcement to keep the radical Alt-Left protesters from harming innocent people who came to support our president at his Phoenix, AZ rally last night.

Very Fake News CNN’s Gary Tuckman, can be seen clearly struggling to speak to CNN host Don Lemon in the video below.

Tuckman told Very Fake News CNN host Don Lemon, “All of our faces are burning, all of our throats are burning.”  He also relayed what was very likely bad intel, to Lemon: “There were some water bottles thrown at police and the next thing we felt were the burning tear gas.” But how does Tuckman know they were they bottles filled with water? The radical, and very violent Antifa group that CNN is working so hard to redefine as a kinder, gentler resistance group, was accused of throwing bottles of urine at free speech advocates and law enforcement in Charlottesville less than 2 weeks ago. So how does Tuckman know for certain that the bottles the “non-violent” group he is so quick to defend, were only filled with water? And since when is lobbing ANYTHING at police officers who are protecting our president and his supporters considered NON-violent?

Earlier in the evening, another CNN reporter nearly got hit by the lit end of a smoke grenade.

CNN may want to rethink this whole bunkering with Antifa thing during what appears to be ongoing, violent protests by the Democrat Partys’ Soros funded Alt-Left groups.

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The Alt-Left came prepared last night, as they were seen proudly displaying their AR-15’s.

Jack Posobiec was the first person to share this photo of Alt-Left protesters at President Trump’s Phoenix, AZ rally.

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