Paul Manafort was found guilty on eight counts today and Kathy Griffin posted a very disturbing video of herself topless and dancing in the window. The video is rather appalling and you’ve been warned about watching it. Kathy Griffin is topless in the video, however, she does not turn around and you will not see anything revealing on her. However, seeing her do this is still a bit disturbing and it’s very odd that she’s celebrating someone being found guilty of a crime that doesn’t have anything to do with her.

Kathy Griffin is fishing for attention and using her body as bait. The Manafort trial results aren’t exactly something worth celebrating in either direction. This was bank/money crimes, not a guy stealing her personal belongings.

Does it matter to me, the normal everyday guy if Manafort was guilty or not? Not really. I don’t believe that it would affect me or my life in any way. I don’t have anything to say about it other than to report the facts on the trial and remind people that it had absolutely nothing to do with President Trump.

I guess this verdict made Kathy Griffin so happy that she stripped and danced in front of her window just to get some attention out of it. It worked, but was it the right kind of attention? I can’t agree that this was the right way to celebrate the result of a trial that had nothing to do with her. I suppose people who are starved for attention will do anything these days.

Manafort’s results were as follows, which was enough to make her post that disturbing video, thanks to CBS News:

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Manafort verdict:
5 counts tax fraud: Guilty
2 counts bank fraud: Guilty
1 count failure to disclose foreign bank account: Guilty
10 counts: Jury unable to reach consensus

Tax fraud, bank fraud, and a random foreign bank account don’t really have much to do with Kathy Griffin nor was there any crime committed against her. It’s very bizarre to see her doing the dancing celebration as a man is found guilty for what seems to be money related crimes. It would make sense if Manafort had committed a crime against her, and then she was celebrating because she felt justice was served. Nah, this is just some guy who got caught up in some tax and bank crimes, so there’s not really much of a reason for her to do a topless dance other than to get some social media attention.

Is she that starved for attention that she’s now taking her clothes off? Perhaps… A bit disturbing though, right?

Here’s the disturbing video which she posted on her Twitter page:

There are a million jokes going through my head right now, but I’ll keep them all to myself. It seems like the Twitter party already started as there’s a handful of people calling her out. There are multiple people supporting her too, but those people don’t seem to make much sense. They’re just posting animated images and not really offering much to the conversation. Either way, the video is disturbing.

Here are some funny reactions from people on Twitter:

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