White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, took to the podium on Monday afternoon to brief the leftist media and American public as states continue to grapple the ongoing coronavirus. Following in the footsteps of Sean Spicer, Sarah Sanders and Stephanie Grisham, the devout Christian and former Fox News and CNN contributor has embraced the role with a mix of smiles and barbs.

With a crucial election less than four months away and the COVID-19 pandemic calming, McEnany has defended the President, administration, and the American public from the lies and deception of the leftist media. Today, she defended President Trump’s claim that “99%” of coronavirus cases are harmless. McEnany explained that the fatal risk of coronavirus is minuscule because there are several treatment options that have been developed in the past few months.

In concluding her briefing, McEnany accepted a handful of questions and comments from reporters. Questions primarily focused around the media’s so-called “second wave” of coronavirus as testing has dramatically increased, as well as targeted questions regarding the Confederate flag. But what did the leftist media fail to report…the deaths of five children killed in the past few days!

Watch Kayleigh McEnany’s SLAM DUNK on the leftist media:

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Ultimately, McEnany put the media in their place after several reporters asked about President Donald Trump’s Monday morning comments on NASCAR and the Confederate flag. The president criticized NASCAR’s decision to ban the Confederate flag Monday, and also ripped driver Bubba Wallace after an FBI investigation concluded that Wallace was not the victim of a hate crime.

“I’ve explained to you. This is I guess the fourth attempt, but we’ll try it again,” McEnany told a reporter, according to the Daily Caller. “In aggregate, what [Trump] was pointing out is this rush to judgment to immediately say that there is a hate crime as happened in this case, as happened with Jussie Smollett, as happened with the Covington Catholic boys.”

“We should not have this rush to judgment, knee-jerk reaction before the facts come out,” she continued. “The FBI did their job and determined there was no hate crime.”

After the reporter continued to question her on the president’s tweet, McEnany responded by calling on another reporter. “I’m not going to answer a question a sixth time,” McEnany said.

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