ABC host George Stephanopoulos sat down with Kellyanne Conway for an interview this morning on “This Week”. Stephanopoulos started out the interview by mentioning the new jobs report and the explosion of the stock market under President Trump. He barely took a breath before he jumped directly to a poll that showed despite all of his many accomplishments, that Trump isn’t very popular. Kellyanne Conway was quick to point out, that although Trump’s poll numbers aren’t as strong as she’d like them to be, he’s keeping his head down and focusing on his agenda. In other words, President Trump is laser focused on honoring the campaign promises he made to American people who elected him. What a novel idea…

One can only imagine the disappointment Stephanopoulos must have felt when he got the dreaded answer from Conway to his question about President Trump’s plans to run in 2020. After all, who could forget when George Stephanopoulos’ wife promised (but of course, didn’t follow through) that she would move her family to another country if President Trump won the election?


Conway responded to Stephanopoulos’ question about Trump running in 2020: “The president says privately and publicly, often, George that he’ll be president for seven and a half more years, so he plans on being a two-term president.”

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Last week, the New York Times article attempted to convince their readers that the Republican Party is divided and fractured and that many of the members of the party were attempting to convince Vice President Mike Pence to run for president in 2020.

Pence was furious at the accusation that he was somehow involved in a potential coup against President Trump. So much for the wishful thinking of not very credible and very biased New York Times.

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And finally, it wouldn’t be an interview with the mainstream media if they didn’t ask about Trump’s phony Russia connection. Kellyanne Conway didn’t disappoint with her answer as she blasted Stephanopoulos for pushing the fake narrative: “People just can’t get over that election, George. It’s corrosive to our body politic”

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