Churches across America are coming under increased scrutiny, as pastors and parishioners are eager to get back into their places of worship and participate in services with members of their church communities.

Christianity in America has been under attack by the left for decades, and some see the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic as a great excuse to take control of religious institutions and force them to shutter their doors by keeping their parishioners locked outside. Not every pastor, however, is willing to sit back and allow the government to dictate the terms of their faith. One brave pastor in Central Louisiana who took a stand against the government taking away his right to preach in his church has now been placed under house arrest.

Reverend Tony Spell, a pastor at the Life Tabernacle Church has been placed under house arrest by a district judge for refusing to confirm that he will not preach in his church. A video of Reverend Tony Spell singing with family members and friends around his piano was shared on the Central City News Facebook page. According to Central City News, Pastor Spell is waiting for law enforcement to arrive at his home and place a GPS ankle bracelet on him.

“I’m not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ—I’m not ashamed of the stance that I’ve taken,” the pastor told Central News during his live video, as he sat at his piano, waiting to have his GPS ankle bracelet fitted. “The stand I have taken is not for me—it has nothing to do with me—it’s for our religious freedoms.” Pastor Spell spoke about the religious freedoms we enjoy in the United States, adding that this is “an honor for me to go under house arrest,” to defend our First Amendment Right to religious freedom.


According to Central City News – The order was signed by state District Judge Fred Crifasi. Judge Crifasi ordered Rev. Spell not to preach in his church and required a response by late Friday afternoon. The pastor responded with scripture. 1 Peter 3:14 “But and if ye suffer for righteousness’ sake, happy are ye: and be not afraid of their terror, neither be troubled.” Judge Crifasi interpreted that response as “active” contempt of court and issued an order. The judge said, “After some discussion, the court has decided it has no other choice but to add as a condition of Pastor Spell’s bail that he be subjected to home incarceration monitored by a GPS ankle bracelet, at his own expense.

He is required to remain in his house, and the immediate curtilage (front porch or back porch) and is allowed to leave only for purposes of necessary medical attention, until further order of this Court.” He added that the pastor can preach from home. Woody Jenkins reporting for Central City News.

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