President Trump’s daughter in law Lara Trump blasts the media for two-faced handling of Biden and Trump COVID-19 cases

When President Trump had COVID-19, he was subject to extreme media scrutiny which sometimes bordered on and often passed into ridicule.

For instance, when President Trump made a maskless appearance outside after testing positive for the flu-like virus, the media and the radical left had a collective meltdown and accused him of being careless and a “super spreader.”

However, now that 79-year-old Joe Biden has tested positive for the virus, after months of close contact with people, hand shaking, and arbitrarily wearing a mask, the media has a very different tone.

President Trump’s daughter in law, Lara Trump, who is married to Eric Trump, notices these differences and puts the mainstream media on blast for it in a segment on Fox.

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“You’re not suggesting that the media is somehow playing favorites with Joe Biden over Donald Trump, are you? Of course, that is exactly what’s happening. It’s amazing to watch the difference in coverage of the exact same location, the balcony of the White House, where Donald Trump stood and took off his mask. Joe Biden is there maskless as well. It’s almost a 180-degree change in coverage when you look at the way the media has handled this. This is exactly the reason, and you can add it to the growing list, that people in America have very, very low trust in the media at this point because they pick and choose the way they cover things based on their own political affiliations. It’s kind of interesting, though, because you see Joe Biden there, COVID–positive outside, no mask on. How many times have we seen him actually put his mask on to go outside when he doesn’t have COVID? It’s very confusing, I think, to Americans,” Lara said.

Indeed, the mainstream media has coddled Biden at every turn, on every subject, and this is no exception. They say that the geriatric Biden has nothing to worry about from the virus while they were counting down the days until President Trump’s death. They claim that it doesn’t matter where and how Biden picked up the virus while that was subject to scrutiny under President Trump.

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In fact, if the average Republican had come down with COVID-19 after acting as “reckless” as Joe Biden in terms of potential exposure, the mainstream media would revel in it while blaming the Republican and using it as evidence that we need another COVID-crackdown.

But it’s different under Joe Biden. The mainstream media is a propaganda machine. Nothing more.

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