Last night, conservative actor Tim Allen appeared in a hilarious skit on his comedy hit show, “Last Man Standing.” The top-rated, right-leaning show was recently picked up by Fox after it was canceled by ABC with no explanation, despite their high ratings.

In the hilarious opening segment, Tim Allen’s character, Mike can be seen walking into his liberal son-in-law, Ryan’s marijuana store, “Buds Buds.” Ryan thanks his father-in-law for coming, and tells Mike that he needs his opinion. Mike sarcastically asks, What’s on your mind, comrade?” Ryan tells Allens’ character that he’s having a “good year” and that he’s thinking about renovating the upstairs storage space and turning it into more retail space. Mike looks confounded, saying, “Wait just a minute. That’s not a dumb idea.” Mike pauses and recaps what his son-in-law just told him saying, “Wait a minute. I need to get my head around this. You wanna take your profits, and pour them back into your business to expand. There’s a word for that—‘capitalism,’ which makes you a capitalist!” When Ryan realizes that Mike is correct, he tries to explain, defending his decision to expand his business by proving he’s a good capitalist, saying, “No, that makes me a businessman—and not all businessmen—I am a good person,” Ryan demands. He then explains why his kind of capitalism is okay, saying, “But, by growing the business, I’m creating more jobs, which helps my employees and the community.” Mike smirks, telling Ryan, “Ya know what I’m hearing right now? Blah, blah, blah, I’m a capitalist.”


In the next segment, Ryan comes to Mike in his office, asking him to sign some papers, giving him the authorization to get applications. Ryan admits to Mike that he’s stunned by government regulations and “red tape” he’s being forced to deal with in his business.  After Mike finished pointing out the obvious, that he was becoming a conservative without even knowing it, he told Ryan, “I think what you’re asking for is smaller government.” Mike continued to tease him, “First you’re a capitalist, now you’re griping about government overreach. Pretty soon, you’ll be invited to a little Party.” Ryan stopped him, “Don’t say it!” Mike responded, “The mascot’s an elephant!” Boom!

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In this final segment, Mike confronts Ryan in his storage room, telling him he has some bad news. Ryan reminded him that he’s already outed him for being a capitalist and a Republican, asking him, “What’d you find out, that I’m related to Ted Cruz?” Mike helped Ryan to explain that it’s okay to be a capitalist and also be a “good guy.”

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h/t Newsbusters

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