First hand account of a crazy liberal attacking a danish guy for being a Trump supporter: An American woman wanted to sit at my table. I was wearing a MAGA cap. She became visibly angry with my presence, so my friend started recording her.

This took place at “Unibar” near Aarhus University, Denmark.

We chose to take legal action the following day. A case has been opened and she will be charged with politically motivated assault (a hate crime).

Political violence is never acceptable – no matter ones political affiliation.

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Yes, she’s in trouble and should be. What’s wrong with these ‘triggered’ babies on the left?

It’s like a cult of people where everyone has to follow. You can’t have a free thought or else you’re a “bad person”. This woman ripped into a man who supports OUR president…Think about it. He’s not even an American but a Danish citizen!

Does this remind you of the last few months of the campaign last year? trump supporters were repeatedly assaulted in so many ways but the media refused to acknowledge it. We saw Trump supporters pelted with eggs, chased and tackled and punched. The woman above felt she could get away with doing the same thing. Not so fast! She’s in hot water after what she did to this Danish Trump supporter.

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