Lindsey Graham called out the media tonight during an appearance on CNN…LOL! He let the media know he’s on to their games when they turned to try and defend John Mccain after slamming McCain for years. He’s right and was honest about it.

“To all those people who bring up this narrative, you just hate Trump. You don’t really care about McCain & me. …

This is a game.

You’re not offended about me & McCain, you’re trying to use me to get to Trump.

I’m not playing that game.”

This is  after a reporter tried to say that Graham was compromised for having dinner and giving a speech at Mar-a Lago:

Senator Lindsey Graham became known for his ability to shut down the press especially during the Kavanaugh hearings.

He never hesitates to call out anyone in the media on their ridiculous questions. Today was no exception.

During a press conference about the Mueller report and AG Barr’s summary, Senator Graham called out a reporter from NBC:

The NBC reporter Geoff Bennett asked:

“You brought up Jeff Sessions’s clear conflict of interest, and yet you I’m told delivered a rousing speech at Mar-a-Lago over the weekend. Is that kind of public closeness with the president appropriate? Does it not at least give the appearance of a conflict of interest, given your role in chairing the Senate Judiciary Committee?”

Graham’s response was classic:

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

“Did anybody ever ask during the Clinton impeachment that a Democrat was conflicted on speaking out on behalf of the president? I am an elected political official. I am a Republican; I am going all over the country to speak to the Republican Party. I want Trump to win. I’m chairman of the Judiciary Committee. I do my job very responsibly. This committee is going to allow Mr. Barr to come forward and tell us and answer some of the questions you’ve asked. I’m asking him to lay it all out. I stood by Mr. Mueller because I believe in the rule of law.”

Graham continued:

“There’s politics, and there’s the rule of law. So to suggest that if you’re a Republican, and that you want Trump to win, somehow you can’t do your job is absurd.”

This reporter got an earful from Graham. It would be great if other Republicans did what the Senator did to defend himself and president Trump.

“It began illegally. And hopefully, somebody is going to look at the other side. This was an illegal takedown that failed. And hopefully, somebody’s going to be looking at the other side.” – President Donald J. Trump

Lindsey Graham came out swinging today during a press conference to discuss the Mueller Report and the Barr Summary that both came out over the weekend:


 Calls for NEW Special Counsel to investigate:

– FBI – DOJ – Hillary Clinton – Andrew McCabe – James Comey – Fusion GPS – James Clapper – John Brennan – Fake Trump Dossier – FISA warrant process – Anyone who wanted to spy on Trump campaign

Trey Gowdy responded to Senator Graham’s call for an investigation:

Comey, Clapper, McCade and so many others should be brought in to testify on getting to the bottom of every single detail of who was involved in this hoax.

John Brennan has so much to answer for with what he said and what he did to push this hoax out to try and destroy President Trump:

It’s time to call these corrupt intel goons out on what they did. They should be punished.

Sarah Sanders said it best:

Democrats and their liberal media allies for two years slandered President @realDonaldTrump for “conspiring with Russia.” It was all a malicious, preposterous lie given wall to wall media coverage despite zero evidence.

This should never again happen to an American President.


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