America has proven time and time again that liberals in Hollywood can say just about anything. The vile comments actress Melissa Gilbert made about child rape while hosting The View sound more like something a member of ISIS would make, than someone who is running for Congress. It’s interesting how the oh-so-easily-offended Left is never offended when one of their own makes a highly controversial comment, but  if the same remarks were made by a conservative, they would be on a 24/7 news loop. 

Melissa Gilbert, the actress who brought Laura Ingalls Wilder to life in “Little House on the Prairie,” made some comments on a TV show in 2009 that are coming back to haunt her.

And they should. Gilbert moved to Michigan from California and is running for Congress in the 8th District, challenging Rep. Mike Bishop, R-Rochester.

But running for office opens the door to past skeletons.

As a guest host of “The View” seven years ago, Gilbert and the other hosts discussed the arrest of famous movie director and producer Roman Polanski in Switzerland for drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl three decades earlier. Polanski had pleaded guilty of assaulting Samantha Geimer in 1977, but fled the U.S. before he was sentenced.

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Hollywood is loyal to its own, and on the show, Gilbert downplayed Polanski’s crime, saying that “it’s gray area when momma is in the building,” in reference to reports that Geimer’s mother was at the house when the rape occurred.

Gilbert went on to say that “the punishment at this point may be excessive.”  For entire story: Ingrid Jacques, The Detroit News

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