An “Anti-Muslim” protest organized by the “Global Rally For Humanity” is supposedly taking place in cities across America. We’re featuring live feed from the Dearborn event here:

A protest in Dearborn wouldn’t be complete without a loudmouth union member carrying their standard issue portable protest microphone used for whipping their brainless subjects into frenzy, chanting “hey-ho-hey-ho…racist fascists got to go. Because Muslims are a “race” right? Here’s the best union chant line of the day:”Stop terrorizing Muslims at home and abroad.” Who knew we were “terrorizing” Muslims? If you listen closely, you’ll hear protesters invite Muslims to join them in fight against radical Islam. At the end of this LIVE feed, (that is now a recording) you’ll hear a woman addressing the 200,000 refugees slated to be dumped in America. The only people making any sense at this Dearborn rally are the people who came to protest extreme Islamists. You won’t likely hear their comments in the coverage of this event by local media.

Watters World interview:

Bill O’Reilly apologizes (sort of) to CAIR official for potentially offending Muslims in Dearborn with interview:

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