Ted Lieu is a United States Congressman.

Ted Lieu is intolerant.

Ted Lieu is also anti-free speech.

Ted Lieu despises anyone who doesn’t agree with his political views.

Ted Lieu regularly spreads lies about conservatives to smear them and destroy their credibility.

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The Proud Boys are a group of men who came together after President Trump’s inauguration. After watching multiple incidents of Trump supporters being violently attacked by Antifa and other leftist groups, the Proud Boys began to show up at pro-Trump or pro-free speech events where Antifa planned to disrupt. They acted as a buffer between innocent Trump supporters and the violent left, especially in cases like in Berkely, CA, where law enforcement officers stood back and allowed Trump supporters to be pummeled by the left. The Proud Boys started fighting back, and the left immediately began a smear campaign against them, while ignoring the far-left Antifa thugs, who were bashing out windows, lighting vehicles and trash containers on fire, smashing skulls and beating innocent Trump supporters.

Last week, during President Trump’s massive rally in Orlando, AP reporter, Phillip Crowther followed the Proud Boys around outside of the event.

When the Proud Boys saw the camera, they posed with the “okay” sign that the left has attached to adherents of white supremacy or white nationalists. In the video, the Proud Boys, who refute the claim that they are racists, trolled the AP reporter by flashing the “okay” sign and chanting, “Orange man bad…Orange man bad!” a derogatory nickname given to President Trump by the left. Anyone can see the Proud Boys are mocking the reporters for following them—anyone but Rep. Ted Lieu, who retweeted the video, asking, “Why do so many racists support @realDonaldTrump?”

The Proud Boys are clearly mocking the left in the video, yet United States Congressman Ted Lieu uses the footage to label half of America “racists.” Lieu is only making a colossal fool of himself posting this video that shows the Proud Boys mocking angry leftists like him.


How long will Americans put up with being labeled “racists” or “bigots” or “Nazis” for the crime of supporting our President? Why are Democrats so eager to divide our country?

Three months ago, Whoopi Goldberg engaged in conversation with the Proud Boys. To her credit, she listened to their side and actually had a civil discussion with a group of people who’ve been completely misrepresented in the media, and labeled by intolerant Democrat Party leaders likeLieu. Ted Lieu, as “racists.”

The Proud Boys talked about transgenders serving in the military; they talked about human trafficking; they discussed how they’ve been maligned by the left and have falsely labeled them as “racists.” The most important topic of the conversation happened when the Proud Boys accused Joe Biden of lying when he said President Trump is a racist because he claimed there were good people on both sides of the Charlotte, NC confrontation that started with Americans like the Proud Boys defending the statues from being torn down. The Proud Boys explained that Trump’s remarks were taken out of context and that they’re not racists, but were there to support keeping the Civil War statues in place.

During their conversation, one of the Proud Boys told Whoopi, “I’m the leader of the Proud Boys,” he continued, “The MAGA hat doesn’t represent hate, it reveals it.” He was right on target with his comment. Never has a symbol representing a promise by a President revealed so much about the character of so many people unable to accept a loss. Whoopi may not be the most tolerant person “The View,” but to her credit, she engaged in civil discourse with a group of people many on the left would never have bothered to engage with or to try to understand.


It’s not the first time Ted Lieu twisted a situation in an attempt to pin a vile label on a Trump supporter. During a House Judiciary Committee Hearing that was supposed to focus on hate crimes in America, Rep. Ted Lieu had his a*s handed to him by conservative Candace Owens for twisting her words about Hitler.

When it was Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu’s turn to talk, instead of discussing the topic of hate crimes, he used his opportunity to use an audio clip of Candace Owens speaking about nationalism and attempted to smear her with it, by falsely accusing Owens of expressing support for Adolph Hitler.

Watch, as the smug little Democrat lawmaker holds up his phone and knowingly plays an edited clip of Owens, in hopes of smearing her character, while Owens’ elderly grandfather sits behind her.  Owens told the committee and guests in the chamber, “I don’t know Ms. Owens. I’m not going to characterize her. I’m going to let her own words do the talking. So, I’m going to play for you the first 30 seconds of a statement she made about Adolf Hitler.”

Instead of giving Owens a chance to respond, the arrogant Lieu moved directly to Eileen Hershenov, Senior Vice President Policy, Anti-Defamation League to ask her opinion on Owens’ support of Adolph Hitler, never once giving Candace Owens the opportunity to defend his vile mischaracterization of her to the committee and to the public watching the hearing.

Big mistake.

When it was time for Rep. Reschenthaler, the next Republican member of the committee to speak, he explained that he wanted to give Owens the opportunity to respond to Rep. Lieu’s vile accusation. Candace Owens began, “I think it’s pretty apparent that Mr. Lieu believes that black people are stupid and will not pursue the full clip in its entirety. He purposely presented an extracted clip…” Democrat House Judiciary Committee Chair, Jerry Nadler loudly banged his gavel and admonished Candace Owens, saying, “The witness will suspend for a moment. It is not proper to refer disparagingly to a member of the committee. Uh, the witness will not do that again.” Of course, Owens never called Lieu “stupid,” she only suggested that Mr. Lieu believes that black people are stupid, and therefore unable to defend themselves from his sort of trickery and deceit used to assassinate her character.

As I said, he is assuming that black people will not go pursue the full two-hour clip. He’s trying to present as if I’m launching a defense of Hitler in Germany, when in fact, the question that was asked of me was pertaining to whether or not I believed in nationalism and if nationalism was bad? What I responded was that I do not believe that we should not be characterizing Hitler as a nationalist, he was a homicidal, psychopathic, maniac, that killed his own people. A nationalist would not kill their own people. That is exactly what I was referring to in the clip and he purposely wanted to give you a cut-up, similar to what they do to Donald Trump to create a different narrative. That was unbelievably dishonest, and he did not allow me to respond to it, which is worrisome and should tell you a lot about where people are today in terms of trying to drum up narratives.” Owens went on to admonish the dirty Democrat by reminding him that she sat for 18 hours on a plane to travel to Israel to attend the US Embassy opening. Owens gave the smug lawmaker one last shot before ending her savage response to the dishonest Dem, “I’m deeply offended by the insinuation of revealing that clip without the question that was asked of me.”

Watch the epic takedown of Rep. Ted Lieu here:

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Not that Ted Lieu cares, but if he did, he would apologize for wrongly accusing Owens of supporting Adolf Hitler. Here’s the full, unedited clip that US lawmaker, Ted Lieu extracted his edited audio clip from, that he used to wrongly frame an innocent person as a Nazi sympathizer, even though it was a lie.

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