The Washinton Post spent over $5 million on their Super Bowl ad last night.

The commercial is called “Democracy Dies in Darkness” and is full of self-congratulatory comments regarding how important The Washington Post is to the world. Its unintended comedic meaning had social media ablaze with snarky comments. Randy Quaid weighed in on how he laughed at the commercial because there aren’t many out there who consider The Washington Post a beacon of truth. Liberal political hack Tom Hanks narrates the ad.

Most entertaining Super Bowl commercial – Hanks declaring The Washington Post is shining a light on democracy. I’m almost done laughing now, but not quite.

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Here’s the ad from The Washington Post but the new-improved version is below:

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WaPo claims that “knowing helps us decide” but they’re one of the worst offenders of fake news along with CNN.

The “new” media that includes citizen journalists like 100% FED Up! are the ones who are asking the questions and digging up the facts that the main-stream media doesn’t want you to know. Is it any surprise that the citizen journalists are the ones being called “fake news” by the social media giants who want to silence us? We believe in free speech and feel both sides must be told, but media like Washington Post and CNN lie to the people to help their political favorites. That’s very dangerous but what’s more dangerous is silencing any dissenting voices out there like those on Facebook or Twitter. Is it any wonder that the conservative citizen journalists are silenced more and more? We’re making a difference, so we’re a threat to the liars and leakers.

While the Washington Post says “knowing” empowers us, helps us decide and keeps us free, shouldn’t we know the entire story and not just what The Washington Post chooses to tell us?

The version of the ad we prefer is from Carpe Donktum on Twitter. It’s fantastic and celebrates the citizen journalist.

The Washington Post’s Superbowl Commerical gets a MAJOR MAGA upgrade:

This reminds us of a great quote from the late Andrew Breitbart:

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