After being shot 3 months ago (see below), Majority Whip Steve Scalise returned to the House floor today. He got a standing ovation as he walked in and then spoke to the members of Congress (see below).

Scalise spoke about the power of prayer and that praying was the first thing he did after being shot: “The power of prayer is something that you just cannot underestimate”

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“It’s so important that as we’re having those political battles, we don’t make them personal”

He tweeted earlier in the day: “I’m back”

Remember that a crazed leftist tried to massacre Republicans just a few months ago:

Rep. Steve Scalise was shot Wednesday morning in Alexandria, Virginia, in a “deliberate attack.” A congressional staffer was also shot. Scalise is in surgery right now and is expected to recover.

Rand Paul said Scalise being there likely saved everyone because his presence (he’s leadership) meant Capitol Police were there.

Scalise, a member of the House Republican leadership as the majority whip, appeared to have been shot in the hip and it appeared two Capitol Hill police agents were shot, according to Rep. Mo Brooks who was on deck when the shooting occurred.
The shooting took place at a practice for the GOP congressional baseball team.

In a statement, Texas Rep. Roger Williams, one of the team’s coaches, said one of his staff members was shot during the incident and is receiving medical attention. There was no information on the staffer’s injuries.

According to both congressional and law enforcement sources, the shooting appears to be a “deliberate attack.”

Two law enforcement sources say the suspect  is in police custody, has been taken to a hospital.

Lawmakers who spoke at the scene to reporters described a normal morning practice, at a field where they’ve practiced for years, when all of a sudden shots rang out. Lawmakers, staff members and even the young son of one of the members ran for cover, jumping into dugouts and over fences to avoid the gunshots.

Congressmen in attendance described  an injured Scalise dragging himself roughly 15 yards away from second base and lying there until the shooter was shot. The Congressmen then ran to help him. Once they were able, Sen. Jeff Flake said he and Rep. Brad Wenstrup, who is a physician, went out to where Scalise was lying to apply pressure to the wound.

“Nobody would have survived without the Capitol Hill police. It would have been a massacre without them.” -Rand Paul
“We had nothing but baseball bats to fight back against a rifle with.” – Congressman Mo Brooks

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake added that he saw a member of Scalise’s security detail return fire on the gunman for what felt like 10 minutes, even though the police officer was wounded in the leg.
“50 shots would be an understatement, I’m quite sure,” Flake said when asked about the total amount of gunfire, including police returning fire.
Flake said two members of Scalise’s security detail were wounded, and another man was wounded in the chest.
Brooks said the shooter appeared to be a white male but added that “I saw him for a second or two.” He said the shooter was behind the third base dugout and didn’t say anything.
“The gun was a semiautomatic,” Brooks said, adding that he was sure it was a rifle but unsure what kind. “It continued to fire at different people. You can imagine, all the people on the field scatter.”

It’s come to this…How will we bring America together if the Democrats keep fanning the flames of division?

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