A pro-life woman was talking to a male pro-choice/abortion supporter who appeared to be protesting. Out of nowhere, the pro-life woman was roundhouse kicked in the head right in the middle of the conversation. The conversation found the two opposing sides clashing on a matter of opinions and it turned into a violent one-sided clash as the man kicked her in the face/head for no reason, and dropped her to the ground.

There’s a slight chance the man was only attempting to kick the woman’s phone/camera, but he missed and struck her with his foot, knocking her down. That’s called assault.

After she was kicked, she fell to the ground with her phone/camera, and it filmed a bit longer, grabbing further audio from the scene of the attack.

You can hear people in the background astonished at what had just transpired. The people who witnessed the assault screamed for someone to call the police. It sounds like he says that he meant to hit her phone. However, that doesn’t really matter. Someone who kicks another person could still be considered as committing a form of assault.

Whether he kicked the woman’s phone or her head, it does not matter. He should not be kicking her at all.

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Devin Sena shared the horrific video on social media.

This video may be difficult to watch. Proceed with caution.

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“SICK: Just now a pro-abortion advocate roundhouse kicked a young pro-life woman from @clcyouthprolife in Toronto

He has not yet been found”

A further update by Sena stated that he has identified the man who kicked the woman.

Another Tweet went further into the hunt for the man who kicked the woman.

A user named “Jackson” had attempted to identify the purple jacket wearing protester who kicked the woman.

I cannot and do not confirm this man’s identity because that is not my job. However, I will share the information provided on a public social media platform and readers can make up their own mind or conduct their own investigations.

The police and anyone investigating the assault can make the final decisions as well, as they have reportedly already been notified in Toronto.



The comments on this Instagram page reflect commentary from what happened in the video.


It appears that the man was fired from his job, police were tagged on Twitter, and now it’s just a waiting game to see what happens next.

Whatever that is, let this be a lesson to all.


It does not matter how much we disagree with each other, we should not ever assault each other physically.

That gets us nowhere.

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