Ever since day one of the Truckers for Freedom Convoy protest, children have played an important support role for the brave men and women who are risking it all to force Canadian government officials to remove the oppressive COVID restrictions and mandates from their fellow citizens.

These young maskless children are having the time of their lives playing with other kids on bouncy toys brought in for the children of truckers.

A carnival-like atmosphere has been consistent throughout. Kids are enjoying rare time with their mom or dad, who spends a lot of time on the road, and they’re also learning a valuable lesson about what it means to peacefully protest for their freedoms.

But on Tuesday, things in Ottawa took an ugly turn when Ottawa Police Deputy Chief Steve Bell warned that about 25% of trucks involved in the Ottawa protest had children living in them.  Bell warned that police are concerned about the safety of the children living in the trucks with their parents, citing noise, carbon monoxide, cold, and sanitation concerns. Chief Bell said they would rely on the Children’s Aid Service to make a determination about what to do with the kids.

The Truckers for Freedom Convoy has been remarkably peaceful given the cold and uncertain conditions. But when word got out to the truckers about how the Canadian government was considering taking steps to remove the kids from their trucker parents, things got a bit heated.

Watch this trucker dad’s reaction to a CBC broadcaster asking about the living conditions for kids:


But it’s this mama bear’s videotaped warning to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Mayor of Ottawa that is getting a lot of attention:

“By now, most of us have heard the rumors that they want to send in MCFD (Ministry of Children and Family Development) to take the kids from the truckers. 

And some of us have seen the video by frontline nurse Kirsten Nagle who went toe to toe with CBC while they were setting up the film segment.

A warning to our fearless leader and the pathetic mayor of Ottawa. If you guys touch one single child out there, you will enrage every mother in this country! I will personally gather min-vans full of soccer moms, and we will drive to Ottawa.

And if you think the truckers are giving you a hard time right now? You have seen nothing! Trust me—you do not want a city full of angry moms because there ain’t no angry like mom angry!”



On Tuesday, we wrote about Kristen Nagle referenced in the mama bear video. Nagle is a Canadian nurse who was fired from her job for protesting against mandatory COVID jabs, who confronted a CBC television crew on the streets of Ottawa on her way to visit the Truckers for Freedom Convoy. Nagel blasted the stunned news crew for spreading lies and misinformation on the safety of truckers’ children and asked them if they even understood the damage they were causing with their lies?

Kristen Nagle (left) and Myriam Cottard speak at an anti-lock down rally in Victoria Park that they organized in November. (Sofia Rodriguez/CBC News)

“You have destroyed my life CBC. You write a lot of hit pieces on me. My family has been doxed. I have a lot of death threats. I have a 6-yr-old son and a 3-yr-old son, and you’ve literally destroyed my life because I ask a lot of questions. And do you actually believe the work you do, or do you just do it for a good paycheck?

“I’m Kris Nagle. I’m a nurse, and because of the hit pieces, you guys have totally ruined my career. And I’ve been fired because of it. People have doxed my address. People have given me death threats because of the lies you’ve told.”

She got very emotional when she called them out for lying about the danger kids attending the Truckers for Freedom protest.



For anyone who doesn’t believe this badass mom’s threat…here’s just one example of a mom who is praising the truckers for freeing her kids from the tyrannical COVID restrictions put in place by Canadian officials.


Never mess with a mama bear…

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