In the months and even weeks leading up the 2016 presidential election, so many Americans were fearful that the polls were correct. They worried that Hillary might actually be our next president. We warned people to ignore the polls and to ignore the leftist media. We told them the Democrat Party media was only trying to create the illusion that most Americans wouldn’t vote for Donald J. Trump to demoralize his base. We implored voters to pay attention to the size of the crowds showing up for his rallies. We explained to them that the reason violent protests were breaking out at his rallies was because they were trying to distract from the truth about the massive numbers of Americans who were showing up to support candidate Trump.

Nothing much has changed since the election, except for the level of vitriol and hate by Democrats who were blindsided by the media who promised them Hillary would win. Meanwhile, throngs of people are still showing up to attend President Trump’s rallies. His supporters vehemently defend him on social media, and if their brave enough, his supporters may even admit to their friends or co-workers that they admire him for keeping his promises to them.

It’s been 7 months since President Trump’s inauguration and the media is still up to their same dirty tricks. The media recently published a poll showing support for President Trump dropping. They continue to tell their viewers that Trump is wildly unpopular with Americans.

Trump’s rally tonight in Phoenix, AZ should silence some of the critics:

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Here’s one of Trump’s most vocal supporters, Scott Presler, who  showed up at the Phoenix rally tonight. Scott also happens to be a proud gay man. 

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Blacks 4 Trump also showed up in Phoenix to show their support for the President:

Check out the massive line waiting to see President Trump and Vice President Pence:

All one has to do is look at the crowd of supporters who showed up tonight to hear President Trump speak. His supporters know they could be struck with a baseball bat for wearing a Trump hat, they know they could be sucker-punched by a crowd of masked Soros paid Antifa thugs, or they may even have bottles of urine lobbed at them by Democrat activists, but they showed up anyhow, because they love our President, and they’re not going to let these leftist goons keep them from showing their support for him.

Watch the large AZ crowd chant, “Build the wall!” AZ is where it all started:

Trump supporters love America and are grateful that we have a president who’s actually willing to put our citizens first. That’s why this booth in Phoenix tonight is empty:

Bikers 4 Trump traveled from all over to help protect innocent Trump supporters from being harmed by Democrat agitators, and Antifa thugs. Here they are praying before the rally for peace:

This Trump supporter brought a visual to remind everyone what happened to him the last time he wore a Trump hat to a rally:

Alt-Left protesters showed up to Trump’s rally with AR-15’s. Pray for peace tonight. Pray for our President and for Vice President Trump who will join him at the rally:

Citizen journalist Jack Posobiec exposes the Alt-Left protesters who showed up with AR-15’s:

Meanwhile, these Trump supporters chant, “Peace and Love”. Of course MSNBC and CNN will never share this footage:

Watch President Trump as he’s greeted by cheering US Marines as he arrives at the airport in Phoenix:

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