Virginia’s new Democrat governor, Ralph “Blackface” Northam, and the Democrat majority Virginia State Assembly have promised to push a number of gun-control measures in the state of Virginia. Residents of Virginia and pro-Second Amendment advocates from across the United States aren’t sitting back and waiting for their rights to be taken away without a massive show of opposition.

On Friday, President Trump showed his opposition to the Democrat’s efforts to take their citizens guns away, warning that the “2nd Amendment is under very serious attack in Virginia.”

Today, in the open-carry state of Virginia, protesters are being frisked for guns after Democrat  Governor Ralph “blackface” Northam banned all weapons including firearms from the VA State Capitol under an emergency order. Northam claimed the emergency order was put in place after credible threats of violence from neo-nazi groups.

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A group of “heavily armed” pro-2nd Amendment supporters stand outside of the fenced-off area where weapons are prohibited:

Many law enforcement officers are making their positions known in clear solidarity with the pro-2nd Amendment protesters:

Thousands of protesters are already packing the streets of Richmond, VA. Elijah Schaffer tweeted this video showing the crowd, with a statement for Governor Northam about the crowd not looking like domestic terrorists.

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People attending the Second Amendment rally go through rigorous screening before heading onto the grounds of the Capitol in Richmond, VA.

(Rob Ostermaier / The Virginian-Pilot)

“Come and Take It,” a message from gun owners to Democrat gun grabbers.

Sprinkled in with “Come and Take It” banners and signs, are reminders of who, exactly is trying to take their guns away.  It’s almost strange how quickly Democrats have forgotten photos of Democrat Governor Ralph Northam wearing blackface in a college yearbook photo (actual racism). Meanwhile, Democrats like Joe Biden and his allies in the media, continue to cling to a fake news, edited clip of a speech President Trump gave regarding the Charlottesville, NC riots, like a life preserver in a storm.

Watch this black American slam Democrats for trying to take away his 2nd Amendment rights.

This large group of protesters is chanting “Northam out!”

The diverse crowd of protesters stands united against Democrats who threaten their Second Amendment rights.

The Virginia Capitol is anticipating thousands of Second Amendment supporters. So far, the crowd is reportedly in the thousands.

In a “tongue in cheek” tweet, Lois Beckett shows a massive crowd of people on the Capitol grounds in Richmond for the protest, calling them a “modest crowd.”

Crowds can be seen chanting “USA! USA!” in the video below.

Pro-2nd Amendment crowds are being described as “massive.”

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