The left will never forgive her for being one of the top-rated hosts on the FOX News network. The right will never forget her unjustified attacks on then-candidate Donald J.Trump. Megyn Kelly is caught between a rock and a hard place and NBC looks like they will be the big loser in what could be one of their most costly mistakes to date. Even lyin’ Brian Williams was more likable after his hiatus at NBC than Megyn Kelly…

– One day after actress Debra Messing revealed that she regretted going on Megyn Kelly’s new NBC morning show, the embattled host managed to draw the ire of an even bigger Hollywood star.

Megyn sat down with Oscar-winning screen icon Jane Fonda on Wednesday, and in an ill-advised and poorly conceived move, decided to ask the 79-year-old actress to detail the plastic surgery she has had done over the years.

The nasty exchange on day 2  of Megyn Kelly’s new job at NBC couldn’t have taken place between two more self-serving and arrogant women.


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‘You, you’ve been an example to everyone, on how to age beautifully and with strength. And unapologetically,’ began Megyn, nervously drawing out her question.

‘You admit you had work done. I think it’s to your credit. You look amazing. Have you … why did you say .. I read you felt you’re not proud to admit you had work done, why not?’

At that moment a steely Fonda stared Megyn straight in the eyes and very firmly asked: ‘We really want to talk about that now?’

Via: Daily Mail



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