Australia has a big problem with radical Islam, yet even after the citizens of Melbourne, Australia were hit with another Islamic terror attack in broad daylight last Friday on Bourke St., the liberal media refused to identify the attacker as “Islamic”.

The Islamic attacker was caught on camera on Bourke St. in Melbourne, Australia, but the media was careful not to identify him as “Islamic”. During the local TV broadcast seen below, the reporter can be heard identifying the attacker as a man wearing “brown robes” instead of traditional Muslim garb. The TV reporter is also quick to say they’re not sure of a motive. How about an Islamic terror attack?

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United Patriot Front co-founder Neil Erikson, who clearly had enough of the fake news media attempting to hide the motive behind the Bourke St. terror attack, confronted Seven News reporter Jodi Lee, while she was in the middle of a live TV broadcast from the site of the attack on Friday.

Lee was addressing the camera from the scene of Melbourne’s terror attack on Friday when she was interrupted by United Patriot Front co-founder Neil Erikson shouting “Islamic terror!” into her live microphone.

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Lee continued with her broadcast but later confronted him about it.

“Are you out of your g*ddamn mind?” the reporter shouts as he films her with his phone.

“Excuse me?” he responds.

“Are you out of your mind?” she repeats.

“Say what it is. Say what it is. It’s fake news!” he yells back at her.

Lee, who is clearly shaken, asks, “Who do you think you are? Donald Trump?” and walks away.

The cameraman reminds him he’s on live TV and then gives Erikson the finger.


Leftist, propaganda news in action…it’s not just an issue in America.

Here’s a close-up view of the Islamic terror attack. Our only question is, why did it take the police officers so long to shoot this Islamic terrorist?

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