What a lack of class! It’s hard to believe that Michelle Obama could go any lower. It’s like she’s a “mean girl” in high school and is just waiting for the next opportunity to bash her arch rival.

The former first lady just made an appearance on “The Tonight Show” (see video below) and did nothing but take digs at President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

You know how she said, “when they go low, we go high”? Well, she obviously doesn’t practice what she preaches.

She was promoting her book called “Becoming” so she had to throw out some red meat to sell books. Forget about the fact that first ladies don’t usually go around trashing each other on national TV. The decorum that comes with being a former first lady of the US doesn’t apply to this classless woman.

Jimmy Fallon asked Michelle about the day of President Trump’s inauguration and then moved onto the topic of the gift that the Trumps had so graciously presented to the Obamas.

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Remember how Michelle looked dumbfounded by the nice gesture? Rude doesn’t even begin to describe her attitude. When she took the gift and then had a look on her face of bewilderment, it was obvious that she let her emotions get the best of her. She let the disdain for her guests seep out on to her face and you can see it in pictures. Surely she knows that you never make your guest feel unwelcome and their gift is always, always appreciated no matter what it is.

Look at the video and you’ll see the disdain for the Trumps was there at that moment and still sits bitterly in Michelle Obama’s heart.

Michelle made a mockery of the gift at that moment and is still doing the same thing on “The Tonight Show” over two years later. What kind of person does something so vicious?

Did Michelle go to the “Hillary and Bill Clinton Grifter School”? Everywhere we turn we see Michelle mocking the Trumps to make a buck on her book.

Who knew selling your soul for a buck was so easy.

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