Former first lady Michelle Obama stopped by the Jimmy Fallon Show to discuss her “shtruggles” with the sycophant talk show host.

In addition to making jokes about her and Barack’s marriage counseling, Michelle joked about how their therapist had to help her to become a “happy” person.

After Michelle plugged her book, Fallon got down to business—the business of trashing the Trump family. The anti-Trump, late night talk show host held up a photo of Michelle and Barack leaving the White House, asking Mrs. Obama what her thoughts were on leaving what most people would consider the most prestigious job in America.

“This is you, this is—uh—after the Trump inauguration. This is you, waving from Air Force One. Can you—uh—just take me through? Fallon asked.

Michelle interrupted, while sharing her trademark sneer with the audience, and offered two words that sum up the feelings of America’s most ungrateful Michelle First Lady, “Bye Felicia!”

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After Fallon stopped faking an uncontrollable laugh, he asked: “Is that what was going through your mind?”

Michelle responded, “Uh—a lot was going on that day—that was the day.”

Obama explained that her daughters wanted a sleepover that night, saying, “Are you kidding me?” Michelle continued relaying her story as if she was talking about toddlers instead of a college-bound daughter and a high school junior, “You gotta take all of your stuff, the blankies, the bears—all of the stuff.”

It was what she said next that revealed so much about her. Obama continued, “So it was that, and then there was the Tiffany’s box.” Michelle immediately looked to the audience to get a reaction from them over her remark that was designed to trash the gracious First Lady Melania Trump, who presented Michelle with a gift-wrapped inside an iconic Tiffany box on her way out of the White House. Her embarrassing attempt to get a laugh out of the audience fell flat, as most of the people in the audience either had no idea what she was talking about or unlike Michelle, have moved on from an event that took place two years ago.

It’s been almost two years since the inauguration, and the bitter former First Lady just can’t seem to let go.


In the history of America, we have never experienced a more bitter, angry and divisive former first couple. Michelle Obama’s best seller book is popular for one reason, and one reason only…the left cannot get over the fact that they lost the election to Donald Trump and the Obama’s have managed to find a way to capitalize on that anger. We’ve all seen the real Michelle; her new book doesn’t change anything for anyone who’s watched the woman who admits she needed therapy to make her “happy.”

Whether it’s Barack Obama traveling around the world and trashing President Trump or our former first lady using her book tour as an excuse to criticize them, their behavior is unprecedented.  Meanwhile, the media is looking the other way, while refusing to call the Obama’s out for their destructive, sore loser behavior.

Sorry Michelle, but Melania’s gracious gift to you, wrapped in beautiful Tiffany’s box, is the least of your problems. No one is buying your shtruggle…it’s time to get over it.

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