A teacher at Colleyville Middle School in Texas was caught on video saying horrible things about both Conservatives and Christians in the hallways of the school.

Sure, teachers are allowed – and should be allowed – to discuss their personal opinions. However, this teacher, who has been identified as Lisa Grimes, made a comment that crossed the line of what should be condoned by her employers.

Colleyville Middle School teacher Lisa Grimes

While talking with two other women, Grimes starts going off on a rant about vaccines and their importance.

“We have a political system that will not allow us to [inaudible] so we’re vaccinating like the flu … which is, you know … get the flu vaccine if you want but you can’t — don’t ‘tread on me.’ But it’s too late. It would have had to have been immediate. If we would have done it immediately, it’d already be gone. That’s what’s frustrating. The rest of my life is impacted because of politics?”

Grimes, before she walked away, chose to make one last scathing comment that she will likely regret:

“Because of conservative Christian crap?”

“I’m telling you, those conservative Christians … they need to die … they need to get covid and die.””

Watch the full conversation below:


Grimes was recorded by an anonymous school parent who wishes to remain unidentified at this time.

According to LinkedIn, Grimes attended a Graduate program at Texas Christian University. She is also a fitness and nutrition coach who, according to her bio, wants to “live a happy life and influence others to do the same.”… well, as long as they’re not conservative or Christian.

Her social media is also littered with posts that are clearly meant to convince others that she is a good person, with a ton of posts about BLM and how to not be a racist. The majority of content on her accounts is either virtue signaling, social justice, or yoga.

One of her Twitter posts is captioned “Only Love.” and includes a quote from MLK which reads, “And may the appalling hate of others fuel you to step more deeply into your work as a warrior of love, justice, and freedom in the fight against oppression and bigotry.”

Pretty ironic considering she just admitted to wanting Christians and conservatives to die because they disagree with her political views. If that isn’t bigotry then what is?

Not to mention the “appalling hate” that Grimes holds against such a large number of people based on their religion.

But, hey, at least she posts as if she’s a hate-free person.

She also made a post on Facebook last year making sure everyone knew that she was going to continue to wear her mask and social distance.

In the post, she wrote: “At this time, I choose to be governed by science – not Abbott. I will continue to wear a mask and social distance.”

But that “science” she was governed by must have changed, given that in the video above she and the other two women she was talking with were not social distancing, nor were they wearing masks.

A woman with this much hate in her heart should not be educating children, especially in such important developmental years.

Colleyville Middle School has made no comment on this incident yet.

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