Mike Huckabee appeared on FOX’s Hannity show where Kimberly Guilfoyle was filling in for host Sean Hannity. Guilfoyle congratulated the former Governor Mike Huckabee’s daughter Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for her handling of the hypocritical press. Guilfoyle talked about the media and how they attacked President Trump for retweeting a hilarious video made to look like he was body-slamming CNN, while ignoring the Central Park play where President Trump was stabbed to death on the stage in front of thousands.

Huckabee told Kimberly Guilfoyle he was proud of his daughter and how she’s handled the constant attacks by the media. Huckabee gave a hilarious example of why he believes his daughter is able to handle the leftist media so well:

“I think my daughter is handling this very well because she has three preschoolers at home. So she’s used to dealing with petulant children who ask the same question over and over hoping to get a different answer, the one that they want. And so maybe that’s part of the reason she’s able to stay flat-footed, look those folks in the eye and handle it.”

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