This morning, Mike Lindell’s symposium was allegedly hacked.

His cyber symposium is back online now and is available on several different platforms.

Mike Lindell began his symposium by explaining how Americans have been warned that China has been working to destroy us for decades. His segment on China included ties to anti-American billionaire George Soros.

Next, Mike moved to the media. He talked about their hatred for him and explained how they fear him because of the evidence he and his team have compiled about our elections. The My Pillow CEO used CNN as an example of a dishonest propaganda outlet, who’s shilling for the Democrat Party. Only last week, Mike sat down for a 2 1/2 hour CNN interview that they selectively edited down to a 6-minute hit piece on him and his symposium.

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Mike looked at the camera and told his viewers, “They believe I’m the number one threat to America…I sell pillows!” he said.

By the time we’re done with this symposium, every single person is going to say, “Wow! We’ve got to do something!” Lindell promised.

Watch his symposium here:

Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium can also be viewed at and

Mike Lindell has been mocked, persecuted, and shunned by liberal reporters, Democrats, traitor Republicans, and even Fox News, the top-rated cable news network where Mike spent $50 million in one year to promote his products.

Last week, we spoke with Mike Lindell who explained to us how he sent My Pillow video ads to all of the radio and tv networks where My Pillow typically advertises to promote his upcoming symposium. We were stunned when Mike told us that FOX News was the ONLY network to reject his ad.

“We sent it to ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and even CNN,” Mike said. “We’re not running it on MSNBC or CNN because they charge too much for their small audience, but the ad is running on all of the major networks,” the My Pillow CEO explained, adding, “The ad’s been on over 5,000 radio and TV stations nationwide, but Fox News refuses to run the ad!”

Here’s the ad:

Why did Fox News reject Mike Lindell’s promo piece for his symposium? If Mr. Lindell is proven wrong about the elaborate, covert scheme implemented to steal the election, he loses $5 million, and Fox loses nothing. But, on the other hand, if Mr. Lindell’s evidence proves the election was stolen, Fox News stands to lose their reputation with their conservative base, especially after Fox News was one of the first news networks to call the election for Biden, despite clear evidence of foul play.

Mike told us that he is most worried about workers at his call center. In typical Mike Lindell fashion, he’s always looking out for the little guy. He thinks of his employees as part of a large family and doesn’t want his fight for election integrity to affect their income.

If you would like to support Mike Lindell, who will certainly lose revenue by canceling Fox News, you can buy directly from him at or by calling 1-800-864-0634.

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