Few Presidents have shown the kind of love, honor, and respect for our troops that President Trump has. His dedication to our US veterans is unmatched. The return of the remains of 50 US troops from North Korea is just one of many examples of President Trump’s commitment to our brave men and women in uniform who have sacrificed so much.

Vice President Mike Pence never served in the military, but he said Saturday that he learned from his father the lingering burdens that veterans bear after their time in uniform ends.

Pence’s father, Edward, who fought in the Korean War as a second lieutenant in the Battle of Old Baldy and the Battle of Pork Chop Hill, didn’t talk about the war with his children. The Bronze Star he earned stayed in his dresser drawer.

A few years after Edward Pence died, a cousin who’d grown up with him told the vice president that the war had changed him from being “the most happy-go-lucky guy” he’d ever met.

“Then he said words I’ll never forget,” Pence said Saturday at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where he laid a wreath for Veterans Day. “He said, and I quote: ‘I don’t think your dad ever got over the guilt of coming home. I don’t think your dad ever got over the guilt of coming home.’”

The remains of over 50 American soldiers killed in the Korean War will soon be headed to Hawaii after a United States military plane successfully retrieved the remains on Thursday.

According to South Korea’s Yonhap news agency, the U.S. plane left from the Osan Air base in South Korea on Thursday morning, and U.S. military officials confirmed that the remains were successfully transferred to an American base in South Korea later in the day.

The White House also confirmed Friday that Vice President Mike Pence will travel to Hawaii on Aug. 1 to participate in the Honorable Carry Ceremony and receive the remains as they return to American soil.

“As the son of a Korean War combat veteran, it is deeply humbling to be part of this historic moment,” Pence said, in a statement.

The transfer of about 55 sets of remains from the 1950-1953 Korean War was part of an agreement reached at President Donald Trump’s summit with Kim Jong Un in Singapore last month. Several thousand American military members and their families were there to greet the plane as it landed at the Osan Air Base in South Korea. –Hawaii News Now

Trump recently thanked North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in a tweet:

The Remains of American Servicemen will soon be leaving North Korea and heading to the United States! After so many years, this will be a great moment for so many families. Thank you to Kim Jong Un.

Today, during an interview with Fox News host, Maria Bartiromo, Vice President Pence got a little choked up, as he expressed his enormous pride to be serving alongside our current President and to watch his dedication to our troops, both past and present.

Bartiromo interviewed Vice President Pence in his West Wing Office, where they discussed Mike’s father Edward, his Bronze Star, and why it’s so important to visit the families of fallen Korean War troops in Hawaii, as their remains are sent back home.

Bartiromo asked Mike Pence, “Even though it’s a long time ago, it will be closure for some people, right?

Pence responded, “I know this is going to be deeply meaningful to our Korean War veterans. But it’s going to be meaningful to every veteran and frankly, every family who I think sees President Trump’s heart in this moment.”

Bartiromo asked Vice President Pence about the details of the remains of our troops being sent back to the US, “Why did Kim Jong Un agree to it?”

Pence responded with what seemed to be a logical answer, “Because President Trump asked him.”

Pence went on to explain how proud he was to be part of this historical event. ” That’s so moving to me. To serve alongside the President that while he is negotiating an issue as significant as denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula, or he’s taken such a strong stance for America’s security, that at the same time, he had our fallen heroes on his heart. And he secured a commitment. In Hawaii, next week, we’ll see North Korea begin to follow through on the promise they made to President Trump”

Watch the touching interview here:



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