Yesterday, former GOP Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, came out with one of his most incredible statements to date. After months of silence, Mitt tweeted about the 36-40-year-old sexual misconduct allegations against Alabama’s Republican candidate for Senator, Judge Roy Moore.

In his tweet, Mitt told Americans that Judge Roy Moore was not entitled to a fair investigation and that Moore should “step aside”. Romney tweeted: “Innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not elections. I believe Leigh Corfman. Her account is too serious to ignore. Moore is unfit for office and should step aside.”

Mitt has remained mostly dormant since he went off on his anti-Trump rant just before the Presidential election.  The last time we saw Mitt, was when he was in Trump Towers, pandering to President-elect Trump for a job in his administration. It appears that, much like John McCain, the anti-conservative, bitter, former GOP presidential candidate just can’t keep his disdain for Republicans, who are unafraid to openly fight for their convictions, to himself. Perhaps Mitt’s nasty remarks were intended to help ingratiate himself with liberal voters in Utah, as he allegedly is preparing to run for the retiring Republican Senator Orin Hatch’s seat. It’s also quite possible that after the United States watched Mitt give up the race after he pummeled Barack Obama in their first presidential debate, that Mitt just doesn’t’ have the stomach for Republicans who actually fight back when they’re being attacked by the left.

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Is it possible that Mitt has already forgotten the lie that Harry Reid pushed out to the voters only months before the election about Mitt not paying taxes for the past 1w years?

On July 12, 2012, Senator Harry Reid stood before his comrades on the Senate floor and told a bald-faced lie about then-candidate Mitt Romney not paying his taxes for the past 12 years. Reid knowingly lied to Congress telling them Mitt Romney’s father set the precedent for presidential candidates allowing the American public to view their taxes, but Mitt Romney can’t do that because he’s paid no taxes for 12 years.

 “His father, George Romney, set the precedent that people running for president would file their tax returns, let everybody look at them. But Mitt Romney can’t do that because he’s basically paid no taxes in the prior 12 years.” 


Two years later, Harry Reid was later questioned by CNN’s Dana Bash about the lie he told to his fellow Senators. His response could not have been more arrogant or disrespectful to the American voters who based their votes for Barack Obama, based on a lie that Senator Harry Reid told only 4 months before the election.

So, tell us again Mitt, how it doesn’t matter if a political candidate is guilty of charges levied against him by the left, that their only response must be to “step down” if they’re accused of wrongdoing.

Yesterday, it was revealed that at least one of Judge Roy Moore’s accusers was deeply involved in Democrat politics, is virulently anti-Trump, and has been openly pushing for Judge Roy Moore’s Democrat opponent Doug Ross on her personal Facebook page.

It was also revealed that Stephanie McCrummen, one of the co-writers of the Washington Post article that smeared Moore with 4 unproven allegations has a history of “faking” things to benefit herself (read more HERE). More and more details continue to emerge about Roy Moore’s alleged “victims”.

Stay tuned, for those of us who are sick and tired of watching Republicans get kicked around and watching their careers being ruined, this isn’t over yet…


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