RINOs secure nomination for Ketanji Brown Jackson as Mitt Romney stays to applaud the pedophile defender

Ugh. Mitt Romney stays alongside Democrats to applaud the pedophile-protecting judge while other, real Republicans walk out. It’s no mystery as to who one of the RINOs who voted to confirm her is.

With a 53-47 vote and a split senate, 3 Republicans (almost certainly including Romney) crossed the aisle to vote for confirming Ketanji Brown Jackson, whose record of defending pedophiles and inability to explain what a woman is should have automatically disqualified her.

While other republicans walked out, Romney stays behind to applaud, perhaps trying to further ingratiate himself to Democrats.

Jackson should never even have been nominated. That she was confirmed is outrageous, that 3 RINOS aided in the process even more so.

The Bloomberg Tweet basically says the entire reason she was confirmed and nominated right in it.

Reminder: Mitt Romney voted to impeach President Trump over nothing. It is time for people to vote him out in favor of a true Republican.

Staying to clap for someone who defended pedophiles via giving them lenient sentences is simply disrespectful to all victims of child abuse and human trafficking, both here, and globally, even if he didn’t vote to confirm her.

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