Not funny “comedian”Kathy Griffin showed the world to see what a beheaded President Trump looks like as part of her “comedy” act. Actor Robert DeNiro wants to punch President Trump in the face. Rosie O’Donnell started a nasty rumor on social media that President Trump and First Lady Melania’s 11-yr. old son Barron was autistic. The unhinged aging pop-star Madonna expressed her desire to blow up the White House to a large group of Femi-Nazis at the Women’s March against Trump in DC. Actor Johnny Depp made a “joke” about wanting to assassinate the President.
Yesterday, MSNBC “thrill up his leg for Obama” host Chris Matthews made a “joke” about wanting to see President Trump assassinate his daughter’s husband and father of his grandchildren. But let’s talk about President Trump fighting back against these horrible human beings and how “unpresidential” his tweets are…

RCP – In just a few minutes on Thursday’s edition of ‘Hardball’ on MSNBC, host Chris Matthews compared President Trump and his family to Saddam Hussein and his sons, the Ethiopian dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam, Italian fascist Benito Mussolini, and the deposed Russian royal family, the Romanovs.

Here’s a portion of the transcript:

MATTHEWS: Is it a royal family instead of a Democratic or a Republican form of government? Or is it a family running the government? Is it Ivanka and Jared and the President sitting around in the White House upstairs ruling the world?

ASHLEY PARKER: I don’t think it’s quite that but I think it is run like a family business. The president and his aides see it publicly and privately and the President’s family, his children, especially his daughter Ivanka and, you know, Jared Kushner, they operate with a degree of impunity that does not exist for these other aides. So, if you look at just Jared and Tillerson, Jared basically emerged as a shadow Secretary of State. You mentioned peace in the Middle East. His portfolio includes not only that, it includes China, it includes Mexico, it includes Canada and that’s just on the foreign policy front. So, if you’re the secretary of state, ambassadors and leaders of foreign nations know that they can directly go to the President’s son-in-law and have his ear that deeply undermines you and makes it really difficult for you to do your job.

MATTHEWS: And then you find out in all these investigations that Jared was opening up a tunnel to Moscow so he wouldn’t have to deal with the State Department. So the son-in-law — you know, one good thing Mussolini did was execute his son-in-law. I mean, I’m talking about Ciano

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FRANK BRUNI: Let’s be careful here, yeah.

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Much like the vile and repulsive comments made by other leftists in the media or in Hollywood, Matthews disgusting remarks will be completely ignored by the media, as this type of hateful rhetoric has been deemed perfectly acceptable by their peers, as long as the hate is directed at President Trump, his family or his supporters, everything is fair game…

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