CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed Mick Mulvaney on State of the Union this morning in a back and forth that got a little tense at times. Mulvaney is quick on his feet and was able to hit back at Tapper with great answers. Tapper actually said with a straight face that he never saw any mistakes in coverage of Russian collusion. Mulvaney shot back at Tapper that “if that’s your version of reality” then that’s ok but it’s not true. Boom!

Tapper says he’s unaware of any mistakes CNN made in its Russiagate coverage:

“I don’t know anybody got anything wrong. We didn’t say there was a conspiracy.

We said Mueller was investigating the conspiracy.”

Then suggests we don’t know if the Mueller report exonerates Trump.

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There are so many examples of CNN’s bias and Tapper’s bias:

Tweets from Tapper are over the top biased!

Three CNN employees resigned over their biased coverage:

CNN can pretend they did nothing wrong but Americans see the truth and have turned them off.

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