Freedom is under attack across the globe. Radical Muslims are committing horrendous acts of violence against innocent people around the world. Meanwhile, the Left demands we don’t identify the faith of the terrorists, for fear of offending them. It’s time to fight back America. The Netherlands, France, and the Uk are our future.

Moroccan born Mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb grew up in a very poor family. His family came to Holland at the age of 15. He has no tolerance for liberals who try to justify the violent actions of “poor” Muslims. He has taken a hard line in the city of Rotterdam, which has been overrun with Muslim migrants who have no intention of assimilating. Here is his open, honest and some would say stunning response to the Muslims who attacked the Charlie Hebdoe publication in Paris:

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Mayor Aboutaleb is not the only one speaking out against the Muslim invasion of the Netherlands.

Geert Wilders, Party for Freedom leader in the Netherlands appears on trial against free speech for speaking the truth about the invasion of Muslim migrants in the Netherlands who refuse to assimilate. He has been chased down and has had his life threatened by radical Muslims for the past 11 years. His story should send shockwaves through America, but alas, our media does everything they can to ignore his message. Those in the media who highlight him, do it in such a way as to make him out to be a villain and hater, much like they have tried to do to Donald Trump for saying we need to stop the flow of Muslim migrants into America until we can properly vet them.

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Watch Geert Wilders chilling “Orwellian” testimony here:

Here is an example of the hate and vitriol Geert Wilders, the brave leader of the Freedom Party in the Netherlands is facing on a regular basis:


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