Nancy Pelosi might be the House Minority Leader, but she’s also one of the world’s most confusing speakers who often mumbles and stumbles through whatever thought process is in her head. The end result is often always the same, leaving people confused and wondering what in the world she is talking about.

Pelosi strikes again and this time she’s talking about hysterical, hysterectomy, and Brett Kavanaugh. The end result is exactly what you may have expected – a lot of people asking what she’s talking about because she’s making absolutely no sense whatsoever.

This happened when she was being interviewed by CNN’s Dana Bush as part of The Atlantic’s “Women of Washington” and the topic turned towards Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

You can watch the video right here thanks to Kyle Morris on Twitter.

My response to the Nancy Pelosi not making any sense in the video was this:

I looked to CNN to catch the meaning of all Pelosi’s odd video because I too was shaking my head and wondering what on Earth she was talking about. She made zero sense. If it was possible to make less than zero sense, then she pulled it off. I figured if anyone can make sense of a Democrat, then it’s a left-leaning news publication who will find some odd way to describe her confused state of mind and odd correlation – as if she really thought about what word to describe Kavanaugh and thought of hysterectomy. Come on… this is so much further in left field than I expected

If anyone could make sense of Pelosi, then maybe CNN would give it a try (not holding my breath).

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who described Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony last week as “hysterical,” explained Tuesday she decided to use that word because of its connection to women.

Pelosi noted that if a woman were to behave the way Kavanaugh did before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, she would be treated differently.

“Hysterical; the word stems from the same word as hysterectomy,” Pelosi said. “You know it’s a word that is identified with women being very emotional and the rest, so I chose that word very specifically” as per CNN.

First of all, who asks someone why they chose a word to describe a testimony? “Excuse me miss, but why did you call Kavanaugh’s testimony hysterical??

And then who says “blah blah blah hysterectomy and emotional women blah blah blah!” Is this real life, or is this a fantasy?

If Nancy Pelosi was a category on Jeopardy, then I would say “I’ll take ‘Things that make no stinking sense’ for $500, please Alex.”

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