The video below is one of Nancy Pelosi preaching to a Christian Colleges and Universities group today.

We’re not kidding. Pelosi preaches to the group using a string of sentences that she repeats over and over. She tries to relate words from the Bible to the border and illegals who come across our border. It’s pretty sickening to watch what she’s trying to do.

Pelosi does this type of holier than thou stuff all the time. She puts illegals on a pedestal before legal Americans who might be hungry or tired too.

She tries to preach but it is an epic fail! She’s such a phony!

“I believe, as many of us do…certainly in this room…that we’re all God’s children. There’s a spark of divinity that exists inside of each of us. Our immigrants at the border…in each of us…including ourselves. And we have an obligation to treat people with respect, but we have a responsibility with that spark of our own to act upon it.”

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After her first few sentences, it all goes off the rails…

Nancy Pelosi goes on to quote a ‘Bible story’ she says she can’t find in the Bible:

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“When people talk about the Gospel of Matthew as being an inspiration to so many of us. When I was hungry you fed me, when I was naked, you clothed me, when I was homeless, you sheltered me, when I was in prison, you visited me — I always want to remind them that the rest of that gospel is the converse.”

“When I was hungry, you didn’t feed me. See, because at that day, God separates the…people.”

“When I was hungry, you fed me. When I was hungry, you didn’t feed me. And I can’t find it in the Bible, but I use— I quote it all the time. I keep reading and reading the Bible, I know it’s there someplace, it’s supposed to be in Isaiah. But I heard a bishop say, to minister to the needs of God’s creation is an act of worship…to ignore those needs is to dishonor the God who made us. It’s there somewhere in some words or another, but certainly the spirit of it is there.”

Who does this woman think she’s fooling? Certainly not the group of Christians she was speaking to.

She was literally preaching to the choir with the group she spoke to today.

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