It must have been ‘Ugly Glasses Day’ on CNN today.

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter showed up with a nasty attitude and ugly glasses.

She basically threatened the Republican Party by saying one of the most bizarre things you can say about your own mother:

Alexandra Pelosi said, “She’ll cut your head off and you won’t even know you’re bleeding”.

Who says that?

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She continued with pride that her mom has been in Congress for decades…Isn’t that the problem?

“Because think about it. Think about all those presidents she’s endured, right?” 

“The Bushes, the Clintons. She’s been through it all. She’s been around.”

“This is not her first rodeo, as your friend George Bush would say. She knows what she’s doing.”

Pelosi’s daughter is so proud that her mom is a  D.C. lifer and so proud that her mom is such a political animal that she’ll “cut your head off”.

Hey, Nancy! How about some compromise with President Trump to secure funding for the wall? Put the American people before politics for once.

Instead of cutting off heads, come to the table and get something done for a change.

Build The Wall!


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