Today, a group of high school boys, who attended the March for Life in Washington D.C, were taking in one last sight before boarding their bus back to Kentucky. They were allegedly standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, chanting a school spirit cheer when a Native American man appeared to have spotted them and approached them from behind while beating his drum.(See video below)

Without knowing, it’s hard to tell if the Native American man who approached the boys and drummed in their faces, had a problem with the boys wearing Trump hats or if he was offended by their participation in the March for Life. Either way, it’s clear to see in the video below, that the Native American man approached the boys first.

See video below:

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Here’s another disgusting video of the Native American man banging the drum in the face of the young high school boy, who just stood there watching the crowd chanting at him. You can also see another very angry Native American man engaging with the young kids telling them to go back to Europe and berating them for being “white.”

Listen to men who were part of the Indigenous People’s group telling the young boys, “President Trump is a homosexual!” You can also hear the Catholic boys defending gays to the men with the Native American. The boys are elated when their bus that they’ve been waiting for finally pulls up to pick them up.

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Next, came the video by “Lulu” that misrepresented what really happened. Many on Twitter were accusing the boys of chanting “Build the Wall,” suggesting that somehow, they should be burned at the stake for daring to show their support for our President of for border security.

Before long, the left attacked, like a pack of hyenas, with no factual evidence of their claims, they literally wanted these boys scalps (pun intended).

Joey Salads, a popular social media figure with millennials, who the young Covington Catholic boys reached out to, asking him help them set the record straight, posted a photo of a news article from Fox2 Detroit, allegedly showing Nathaniel Phillips, the Native American who was beating the drum in the boy’s faces. It appears that if this is the same Native American that was beating the drum in the faces of the students in D.C., he has a history with being a “victim” of students.

According to an MLive article, Nathaniel Phillips was walking by a home where college students were partying outside around when Phillips said he was walking by and noticed the way they were dressed.

He said when he approached them, the students said they were honoring EMU’s “Huron” heritage — the university’s former mascot before it was dropped in the early 1990s in favor of the Eagles.

Phillips claimed when he confronted them, the students told him to go back to the reservation and threw a beer can at him.

Phillips filed charges against them.

Here are just a few of the disgusting responses to the video posted by “Lulu Says” that only shows boys chanting while an elderly man beats a drum in the face of a teenage boy who doesn’t quite know how to handle the agitator, so he just sits and smiles at him.

Alexis Ayers asks why these “weak children parrot their racist parents?” She also says she hopes college counselors remember the name of the school these young boys attend, so every student from that school can be “taught a lesson.”

Why do these weak children parrot their racist parents? I hope college admissions counselors remember the name – this “school” needs to be taught a lesson.

It gets better…

Hollywood actress and star of Will and Grace, Debra Messing, attempts to tie these kids marching for life and wearing Trump hats to a rape case that has absolutely nothing to do with any of them, other than the fact that the suspect attended the same high school.

Messing jumped in on the doxing hashtag (#CovingtonCatholic) of teenage boys that Twitter is allowing to trend on their platform and tweeted: #CovingtonCatholic does a great job molding fine Christian gentlemen.

The real crime was the high school boys were wearing MAGA hats. and had traveled to D.C. to march in support of life for the unborn.

The boys quickly reached out to people in the media and tried to explain that the way the left was framing the story on social media was a lie and that they never surrounded the Native American man. They claimed (and the video below proves it) that he approached them while they were chanting and began to bang the drum in their faces.

Here’s the video again, proving that the Native American man approached the young boys from behind.

The boys told their story to Joey Salads, a popular conservative figure with younger kids. Here is a copy of their messages to him. Below, is a video from Joey Salads explaining the boys’ situation.

Here is Joey Salads explaining how the left attacked him for releasing the boy’s statement:

The Covington Catholic boys weren’t kidding when they say they are really into school spirit cheers. Here’s a video from 2011, showing the boys going nuts in the stands, cheering for their basketball team while chanting school spirit cheers.

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