NBC reporter Jacob Soboroff was walking through a Staten Island, NY grocery store with Republican Congressman Dan Donovan interviewing people when one lady they spoke with delivered great advice for the reporter.

While Rep. Donovon shook the hand of the lady, Soboroff asked her what her shirt said:

“What does it say there? “Stand for the flag…kneel for cross?”

Both men laughed as the patriotic and very wise woman turned to keep shopping.

But that’s not the end of it…the reporter is puzzled by the women in the local grocery store who support President Trump. One employee talked about how angry women were at the treatment of Judge Kavanaugh. The democrats really misjudged on that one.

Soboroff didn’t understand how there could be more registered Democrats in the town but President Trump won! We get it!

These women are so great to listen to. “A simple girl”…love that line!

jacob Soboroff tweeted out that he was intimidated by the woman in the white cap…

Yes, stay that way!


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