The vulgar Netflix darling, Michelle Wolf who made a name for herself with the angry left when she trashed Sarah Huckabee Sanders, while Sanders sat next to her at the White House Correspondents Dinner, hit a new low during her “The Break” show on the Obama network on America’s birthday. The hard-left “comedian” celebrated abortion by saluting dead babies and the mothers who agree to have them killed, in her “salute to abortion” segment on the Netflix show.

Comedian Michelle Wolf on her Sunday show led a “salute to abortions” that culminated in her cheering, “God bless abortions and God bless America!”

Hill Reporter Co-founder called her stunt, “refreshing”.

At the end of “The Break with Michelle Wolf,” her new Netflix show, Wolf dressed up in an American flag leotard and led the crowd in pro-abortion cheers backed by a band.

“Women, if you need an abortion, get one,” Wolf said. “If you want an abortion, get one.”

During her grotesque segment, Wolf looked directly into the camera with her half-smile and told her audience that “Abortion shouldn’t be a luxury”. She went on to explain that abortion “should be on the dollar menu at McDonald’s”. She then role played for her audience as though she was ordering a “drive-thru abortion”, saying, ” Hey I’d like a large diet coke, and could you get this egg out of my McMuffin?”

The segment, which aired the week of July 4, was a reaction to the growing anxieties over the future of Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the U.S. – The Hill


Not everyone thought Wolf’s monologue was “funny”. “LisetteInBlue” reminded everyone of the hypocrisy of the left, who decries President Trump for “parent-child separations at the U.S. border” while cheering for Wolf’s salute to permanently separating babies from their mothers through the gruesome abortion procedure.

K-Cope asked Netflix if they plan to cancel Michelle Wolf’s show?

That’s actually a great question. Why would Netflix want to give this vile “comedian” her own show?

Here are just a few of the top players behind the radical company that just signed the Obama’s to a multi-year deal to produce shows and documentaries for the streaming platform that will give the Obama’s an international platform, reaching Netflix’s 125 million streaming members around the world.

Reed Hastings is the co-founder and CEO of Netflix. In 2013, gave a whopping  $88,900 to Obama’s reelection campaign. Prior to President Trump’s landslide victory over Hillary Clinton, Reed, who endorsed Hillary, claimed that Donald Trump “would destroy much of what is great about America. Apparently, Reed didn’t have much influence with American voters, as he attempted to rally them to vote for Hillary by telling voters, “Hillary Clinton is the strong leader we need, and it’s important that Trump lose by a landslide to reject what he stands for.”

Netflix (NFLX) CEO Reed Hastings said in a statement that Rice “has tackled difficult, complex global issues with intelligence, integrity, and insight.” Rice said she is “thrilled” to join the board, and described Netflix as a “cutting-edge company.”

Ted Sarandos is Netflix’s chief content officer. His ownership of 497,699 shares makes him the third-largest individual shareholder in the company.  In 2012, Ted Sarandos and his wife Nicole Avant, Obama’s former Ambassador to the Bahamas, threw a party at their home, where they raised half a MILLION dollars in one night for Barack Obama’s reelection campaign. a notable contributor to the bundler couple’s party included accused rapist and serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.

Neil D. Hunt is the former chief product officer (CPO) at Netflix. Hunt owns 401,296 shares in addition to stock options to acquire 844,641 shares more. He had been with Netflix since 1999 and stepped down in 2017.

Hunt’s Twitter feed is littered with anti-Trump propaganda and retweets of marches against President Trump.

George Soros, however, might be one of the most concerning possible players in the Obama propaganda effort by Netflix.

In December 2016,  Investopedia reported that George Soros had bet on Netflix, obtaining stock in Google (Alphabet), Amazon, and Netflix.

”Soros initiated a position in video streaming giant Netflix in the third quarter, adding $13.05 million shares worth of the company, which made it 0.34% of his total holdings. Q3 was off to a rocky start for Netflix, as indicated in their Q2 earnings report, marked by slowing domestic and international subscriber growth, way below company guidance. Many investors feared that Netflix could not adequately keep up with rising competition from the likes of Amazon and Hulu. In order to remain relevant, many analysts stated that Netflix should focus on what it does best, original content, in order to remain attractive to new users. As a result, many expected the company to significantly increase its content spending. However, increased spending combined with declining member growth signified a potentially higher rate of cash burn, a big turn-off for investors. All hope was not lost, as analysts stated that if Netflix leverages its strengths and focuses on its partnerships with Comcast (CMCSA) and Disney (DIS), the company could get back on track for growth.”

Many people already knew this, after Netflix began promoting racially-dividing series “Dear White People” soon after Soros bought $13.5 million in stock.

In 2015, he purchased the first 317,534 shares of the online streaming service at the time worth $32.79 million. A year later he doubled-down further, buying an additional $13 million worth of stock.

Netflix’s plan to push the most divisive couple in America should be enough to make every American want to cancel their subscription. Americans who care about the direction of our country should be up in arms about the decision to push the anti-President Trump, Obama’s on America. Whether you support our President or not, the idea that Netflix would sign a major deal with a former President and First Lady, who continually trash our current President, should make every subscriber question their motives.

Adios, Netflix…


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