Sen. Doug Jones, Alabama’s newest senator, has come out and said that he’s not quite ready to support a gun ban, however his comments leave the door open for doing so in the near future.

Jones made an appearance on ABC News’ “This Week,” where he spoke with host George Stephanopoulos about whether or not he would support a ban on “assault weapons.”

This, of course, is a loaded term as the modern leftist usage of the term “assault weapon” is inaccurate.

An actual assault rifle is fully automatic, a kind of machine gun style weapon, whereas leftists use the term to refer to the AR-15, which is semi-automatic, meaning you have to pull the trigger for each round to fire, one at a time, just like a handgun.

The Daily Wire has more:

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Appearing on ABC News’ “This Week” with host George Stephanopoulos, Jones fielded a question from Stephanopoulos about whether he could go as far as to support an assault weapons ban.

“I’m not sure I can go that far just yet, George,” Jones said. “We’ve got to get done what I think can be done right now.”

Jones said that he thought that the area of focus right now should be on solutions that both sides can agree on before he double-downed on leaving the door open for a gun ban.

“I really don’t believe that a gun ban is feasible right now,” Jones concluded.

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This is precisely why we need to make sure later this year that more pro-gun rights Republican candidates are elected into offices, both at the federal and state level, to ensure we have safeguards against big government violations of the Second Amendment.

If we don’t take these steps and put more effort into defending our right to bear arms, it could end up disappearing one state at a time.

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