Monica Crowley, conservative radio host, Fox News analyst, columnist & editor of The Washington Times, bestselling author and loyal supporter of Donald Trump has been chosen as Trump’s senior director of strategic communications for the National Security Council. We are huge fans of the brilliant, outspoken Monica Crowley. She is unafraid to defend conservatism and will take on just about anyone who challenges her views…even her own brother-in-law. We have yet to see her lose a battle to a liberal. That’s probably what attracted Trump to her in the first place. But did you know who her snarky liberal brother-in-law is? And did you know she was sitting next to him when Bill O’Reilly had what was considered his most explosive show in the history of the O’Reilly Factor?

Earlier today, President-elect Trump announced his choice of retired Army Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg as chief of staff and executive secretary of the National Security Council and Monica Crowley as, a transition source tells Washington Examiner.

Trump’s transition officially announced the appointments Thursday afternoon.

“The United States is an exceptional country and these are two exceptional individuals who have agreed to fulfill the president-elect’s pledge of putting America first once again,” Mike Flynn, Trump’s national security advisor-designate, said in a statement. “I am honored to have General Kellogg and Dr. Crowley on the National Security Council team.”

“I am deeply honored, humbled and grateful to be asked by the president-elect to join the extraordinary national security team he is assembling,” Crowley said. “With vision, courage and moral clarity, he is committed fully to re-establishing America’s singular place in the world. He is also committed to selecting the best people for the jobs of keeping the American people safe and the country secure. It will be a great privilege to serve with them.” –Washington Examiner

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Many of Monica Crowley’s fans are surprised when they find out that her conservative sister is married to Alan Colmes, the ultra-liberal radio talk-show host who first gained attention when he co-hosted a FOX News show with Sean Hannity called, “Hannity and Colmes.”

Bill O’Reilly brought on Alan Colmes and Monica Crowley in 2013 to talk about President Obama’s seeming reticence to offer any meaningful spending cuts, but most of the segment involved O’Reilly getting into a shouting match with Colmes over Colmes not being able, as O’Reilly viewed it, to provide concrete examples of what Obama wants to cut. O’Reilly repeatedly shouted at Colmes, called him a liar, and declared his claims to be “bull-blank.” Watch Monica Crowley, a hard-core advocate of conservatism sit back and let her leftist brother-in-law defend to his liberal views, of which she knew he couldn’t back up with a legitimate argument.

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Not one to back down when she feels strongly about her position, Monica Crowley defended Bill O’Reilly’s attack of her whiny, liberal brother-in-law Alan Colmes, to Imus while she was a guest on his Imus In The Morning Show:

In a world where liberals have been effectively silencing conservatives over their opposing views, it’s great to see someone like Monica Crowley stand up for what she believes in, especially when the views are those of her outspoken liberal brother-in-law…

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