This unidentified Nigerian man has a thing or two to say about the media sh*tstorm that was started by Democrat Senator Dick Durbin when he accused President Trump of referring to Haiti and various African nations as “shithole countries”. Besides President Trump coming out and saying he never used that term, two Republican Senators have stepped forward to back him up, and now, even the unreliable Dick Durbin is backing down on his story.

Leftist Media activists on cable “news” and mainstream media “news” networks reacted to Senator Durbin’s accusations, that the President denied, with all the furor you would expect if he just dropped a nuclear bomb on a neighboring country. Their emotions ranged from crying to outrage and of course, they found a way to tie his comments to “racism”. When the Clinton Crime Family came out to condemn President Trump’s remarks, they opened a big can of worms, as the discussion quickly turned to the 2010 earthquake, where the Clinton’s mismanaged $billions in charitable donations, while enriching donors and family members, while leaving Haiti a shithole…

It’s always good to hear the perspective of someone who has lived in one of the so-called “shithole countries” to get their perspective on the state of their nation, and that’s why this video is so important.

Here is a partial transcript of the video:

I am a Nigerian leaving here, in the United States, and if I tell you that I’m upset at Donald Trump, for his statement, I would be lying.

What do they say about change? The first step to change is acceptance. 

Nigeria is indeed a shithole. 

It is what it is.

So I don’t even want to start why our people are upset.

Let me tell you something…

A country where its workers have not been paid in months is a “shithole country”.

A country where its security system cannot protect lives, yet actually takes lives, is a “shithole country”. 

A country where you pay for power, and you don’t get that power, no light supply, is a “shithole country”.

A country where the price of food is becoming unbearable for its citizens, with no process whatsoever,   is a “shithole country”.

A country where it cannot protect lives, but actually takes lives, is a “shithole country”.

A country where the justice system can be manipulated by second people who have money and influence is a “shithole country”.

A country where the poor, the larger masses, do not have a say, is a “shithole country”

A country where its president accepts that its citizens are criminals is a “shithole country”.

A country where people are dying every day because of hunger is a “shithole country”.

A country where people go to school and get degrees and “masters” and come out to no jobs,  is a “shithole country”.

A country where an individual who has worked so hard in school, with a masters degree, and ends up driving Uber, or ends up driving taxi, is a “shithole country”.



So my people…what are you talking about? If your country was not a “shithole”, I bet you, we would not be in the United States of America, we would not be in UK, we would not be in Malasia, we would not be in Italy, we would be back in our country. 

The unidentified man is very passionate about fixing what is broken in Nigeria and goes on to tell the people of Nigeria to stop blaming President Trump and to start working together to fix their “shithole country”.





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