The riots across America are supposed to be for George Floyd after he died tragically during an arrest in Minneapolis. The four police officers have been fired, and the arresting officer will most likely spend decades in jail.

The protests in Minneapolis turned violent and then spread to other Democrat-run cities where the hands-off approach lead to destruction and looting.  A peaceful protest in downtown Atlanta yesterday turned to destruction, violence, and looting like all of the other protests across the country. After the protesters vandalized the outside of the CNN Center, they turned their sights on the upscale area of Buckhead. The thugs broke windows and stole everything in sight. Looters were seen running out of stores like Dior and Gucci.

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What had begun as a protest,  was now a case of using outrage to commit a crime. Looting stores does not honor George Floyd.  It’s just an excuse to steal and destroy.

The video below shows looters ransacking the Gucci store at Phipps Plaza:

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Looters chased out of the Dior store:

The video of Phipps (not Lenox) being looted:

Terrence K Williams has great commentary on how this is NOT how to get “justice for George”:

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