Under de Blasio, the homeless rate in New York City has reached its highest since the Great Depression. More than 60,000 of the city’s residents, a third of whom are children, live in shelters.


De Blasio talks a good game and espouses to be open to sharing the wealth of his fellow New Yorkers so everyone can have a piece of the pie. He claims to be a man of the people yet he’s nothing of the sort. The truth is that homelessness has skyrocketed under this mayor! All de Blasio cares about is de Blasio. A great example is what just happened during his workout at the VERY PUBLIC Brooklyn YMCA. Watch New York City Mayor de Blasio turn away from a homeless woman asking for greater public assistance. He’s a limousine liberal if there ever was one!

The woman walks up to de Blasio and asks, “Out of 300,000 units in your affordable housing program, only 5 percent will go to the homeless. Can you look me in the eye and tell me why?” 

De Blasio snarks back at her, “I’m in the middle of doing my workout”… “Sorry. I can’t do this now.” de Blasio’s security steps in to assist and then he walks away from the woman. What does he expect when he attends a very public YMCA in Brooklyn, NY? The funny thing is that he actually acted shocked that someone would come up to him. If he doesn’t want people talking to him, get a home gym!

Even worse, the press secretary for de Blasio blamed the homeless woman: “People working out at the gym shouldn’t be worried they will be recorded in highly publicized, videotaped political confrontations every morning.”

WFB reports:

The woman who approached de Blasio is Nathylin Flowers Adesegun, a 72-year-old who lost her home and has advocated for New York public assistance for the homeless. She is a member of Vocal-NY, which has tried without success to move de Blasio on the issue. De Blasio has ignored the group, according to members. “We needed to get his attention or he was just going to keep blowing us off,” Adesegun told the Times.

Members of Vocal-NY have called into de Blasio’s radio appearances, attended his town halls, and participated in agency meetings, but without success.

Giselle Routhier, policy director of the Vocal-NY, blamed de Blasio for over a year of inaction since the group first began calling on him to act. “You can’t address record homeless without dedicating a meaningful portion of your housing plan to homelessness,” she told the Times.

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