NYT’s Michelle Goldberg appeared on MSNBC’s “Meet the Press Daily” Friday to discuss ridiculous assertions that President Trump is an aspiring despot who would think nothing of murdering people without due process…What kind of crazy discussion is it to debate on whether Trump’s a despot or the leader of the free world. This is opinion news for what purpose?

Goldberg got snarky when she  refuted RealClearPolitics reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns claim that Trump is the leader of the free world.  Goldberg interjected to say that, “He’s not the leader of the free world, but, sorry.” She then claimed that Germany’s Merkel holds that spot.

The catty group went back and forth laughing and debating…pitiful!

Goldberg asserted that, “He’s a sort of junior player in a bloc of authoritarian countries. He’s part of a bloc that includes Vladimir Putin, Duterte.”

Tur claimed that unlike the other two world leaders mentioned, “Trump is not rounding people up and murdering them without any due process.”

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Goldberg stunned with, “He would certainly like to.”

Goldberg got a little push back from Tur but not one of the panelists appeared outraged at the claim!

Podhoretz claimed, “If he is not the leader of the free world, there is no leader of the free world. There is no world order without the most important richest, and most powerful country in the world trying to maintain that.”

These people are sickening with their effort to outdo each other with their outrageousness. Not funny and so shameful!


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