A Pulitzer-Prize winning reporter for the New York Times, Matthew Rosenberg, has been caught on video bashing his colleagues and ridiculing the “left’s overreaction” to Jan 6. In a second video, Rosenberg also revealed the “internal tug of war” at the NYT between “the reasonable people” and the “crazier leftist sh** that’s worked its way in.”

In footage released from Project Veritas, national security reporter Rosenberg clearly doesn’t know he is being recorded by an undercover journalist, who gets him to speak his mind about the NYT publication and the people behind it.

When talking about the events of Jan 6, Rosenberg said “You could tell how much fun we had.”

“Are you allowed to have that much fun on January 6th?” asked the undercover reporter. “Aren’t you supposed to be in mourning?”

“I know, I know. I’m supposed to be traumatized,” laughed Rosenberg. He then proceeded to mock his younger colleagues who claim they were scared at the Capitol building on Jan 6. Rosenberg also admits that they were knowingly not in any danger at the Capitol, despite how “scary” the journalists may try and portray it.

“But like all these colleagues who were in the [Capitol] building, and they’re young and are like, ‘Oh my God it was so scary,’ I’m like ‘F*** off’… I kind of want to be like ‘Dude, come on, like, you were not in any danger.”

Rosenberg then makes fun of his colleagues who were inside the Capitol, referring to them as “f***ing little dweebs who keep going on about their trauma.”

He then calls out fellow NYT reporters Emily Cochrane and Nicholas Fandos for being “f***ing b****es.”

WATCH (video 1 of 2):


In the second video from the undercover journalist’s conversation with Rosenberg, he dives into the inner workings of the NYT, and the dishonest reporting that has become commonplace within the publication.

Rosenberg is captured in tape admitting to the fabrication of “ridiculous stories” with government officials for the NYT. Rosenberg specifically names the “Trump pee tape” which was introduced by the media, then when no evidence of the incident ever appeared, the story was spun to insist that Russia was holding onto the tape to influence Trump politically and that’s why no one has ever seen evidence of the accusations.

When talking about this mysterious tape, Rosenberg revealed that it “of course doesn’t exist.” The NYT reporter entirely admitted to fabricating a story and presenting it as factual when he knew it was falsified.

After admitting his fabrication of stories, Rosenberg proceeded to again insult his colleagues, saying “they’re not the clearest thinkers.” He then namedrops fellow journalist Adam Goldman, calling him a “terrible writer” and saying he’s “not good with words.”

The undercover journalist then asks about the ongoing lawsuit between the NYT and Project Veritas, to which Rosenberg admits “That was a f***-up. We may well lose that one.”

WATCH (video 2/3):

Perhaps the best part of this whole story, though, is the follow-up by James O’Keefe who approached Rosenberg at a restaurant before he released the secret footage. He informed Rosenberg of the story then asked for his comment.

“What do you want from me?” asked Rosenberg. “This is worse than a hit-job.”

Then, without knowing what exactly O’Keefe had him saying on tape, Rosenberg said he will “absolutely” stand by his comments.

“You got me at a bar in a social situation,” Rosenberg said as if this meant what O’Keefe’s team captured wasn’t fair to use against him. However, in the footage from the undercover video, Rosenberg himself admitted to using overheard conversation in his stories, saying “if you’re talking in public, it’s fair game.”

WATCH O’Keefe confront Rosenberg (video 3/3):

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