FOX News host Lou Dobbs started his segment yesterday, by explaining to his viewers that Obama FBI agent Peter Strok and his mistress, and DOJ lawyer, Lisa Page will be two of eight witnesses that will be brought before the House Intelligence Committee over the next few weeks to get some answers on the Fusion GPS and alleged wrongdoing among FBI and Justice Department top officials. Another key witness, with ties to Fusion GPS, is Obama Justice Department holdover Bruce Ohr, who was stripped of another title yesterday, his second demotion. Dobbs pointed out that Ohr is still getting paid by the Justice Department. Dobbs sarcastically pointed out that Ohr has been found to be, “corrupt, but nonetheless, still on the payroll”.

Dobbs then introduced his guest Chris Farrell, director of investigations and research for Judicial Watch, the organization that successfully filed an FOIA to release these documents. Dobbs asked “how in the world” did we ever get ahold of the Strok and Page texts? Farell responded that the public was able to see the texts because of lawsuits filed by Judicial Watch.

“This is a case of them [Strzok and Page] I think trying to get out ahead of the problem because obviously Strzok is already, Strzok and his girlfriend are already in bad shape. But the text messages today show that they were synchronizing, they were first of all leaking, but then they were synchronizing their story to both the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and perhaps others. And that is a level of… ah, investigative misconduct and abuse of process that is off the charts.”

Dobbs then reminded his viewers that their actions were criminal. Farrell agreed that indeed their actions were criminal.

Watch, As Farrell explains how Strok and Page knew exactly what they were doing:

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Farrell also told Dobbs that he was relieved when Senator Feinstein (D-CA) unilaterally released the Fusion GPS testimony yesterday to the public, as Farrell says, “Get all the stuff out there because the cockroaches hate sunlight.”


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