Yesterday, the media went nuts after CNN’s rude and obnoxious “reporter”, Jim Acosta was told to sit down by President Trump, following a horrible confrontation by the aggressive activist.  Acosta, as usual, had a front-row seat at President Trump’s White House press conference but the hostile actor not only abused his privilege, he assaulted a young, female, White House intern.  The young intern, who appeared to be in distress, over Acosta’s hostile behavior, was only trying to do her job when Acosta when he “karate chopped” her as she attempted to take his microphone away.

The leftist mainstream media, who despise our President, attempted to blame him for the confrontation, accusing him of shutting down the press. Later in the day, it was announced that Acosta’s “hard” pass, that allowed him to cover the President, had been revoked.  White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders posted a slow-motion video revealing Acosta’s assault on the young girl, as he struggled to keep the microphone after being repeatedly told by President Trump “that’s enough” and “sit down”. Sanders confirmed that the White House stands by their decision to revoke Acosta’s “hard pass” and that they will not tolerate Acosta’s disgusting behavior.

What the media forgot, in their haste to condemn President Trump for Acosta’s unprofessional, “Code Pink” like behavior, was that Barack Obama kicked a protester out of the White House during an LGBT event, for calling him out on deporting illegal immigrants.

Conservative comedian Terrence K Williams posted a video of former President Obama being interrupted by a man during a White House press conference.

President Obama rarely had to deal with media confrontations, as evidenced by the video below, you can see every one of his questions for his press conferences were planned in advance. He was also given a list of the reporters he would call on during the press conference.


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