Barack Hussein Obama has been laser focused on making the promotion of Islam in America a priority since his first day in office. He’s also made a point of discrediting Christians in America. Is it any wonder he’s ignored the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East? Does anyone care he’s sending Christian refugees back to extremist Muslim nations from the US, while bringing in hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees

Here is a perfect example of the master Muslim propagandist:

OBAMA TO FRENCH REPORTER: “We have to educate ourselves more effectively on Islam. If you actually took the number of Muslims Americans…ah, we’d be one of the largest countries in the world.”

REALLY? Is #38 “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world” Barry?

HERE are the FACTS:

Eighty-three percent of Americans identify themselves as Christians. Most of the rest, 13 percent, have no religion. That leaves just 4 percent as adherents of all non-Christian religions combined — Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and a smattering of individual mentions.

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